Questions about hörbert

Symptom: If you put hörbert on very hard, it switches on or off.

Cause: The solid brass rotary knob is so heavy that it switches hörbert on and off.

Remedy: this can easily be fixed with a free firmware update. The firmware is the programme that runs on hörbert’s processor and determines its functions. This will fix such problems with the rotary head. How to perform a firmware update and where to download it can be found here:


The standard model from hörbert 2011 – without an additional module such as a sleep timer or Bluetooth module – was the top performer in the Stiftung Warentest test in November 2019.
In their test, it achieved 56 hours of playtime, in our tests at the factory, approx. 50 hours.
If the sleep timer module (automatic switch-off) is installed, the playing time is reduced by a few hours.
With the Bluetooth module installed, the playing time is reduced by up to 1/3 of the playing time of the standard model, i.e. about 35 hours.

So far, we have tested the new hörbert 2021 in our factory at medium volume in an endurance test with high-quality AA batteries.
In standard mode – i.e. when playing from its SD card – hörbert plays for between 48 and 50 hours.

The other tests in mixed mode with Bluetooth streaming and Internet radio and also with rechargeable batteries are still running.

This concerns hörbert without a mechanical toggle switch.

What you notice:
hörbert only plays for about 2-3 seconds, beeps twice and then goes off. You can switch it on again by pressing the rotary knob. After that, it goes off again after 2-3 seconds.

What happens:
hörbert signals that it cannot find the memory card or cannot read it.

What could be the reason:
First check if there is a memory card in hörbert and if there are no foreign objects in the memory card slot.
Try another memory card that contains hörbert content.

If that does not help:
We have an update for your hörbert that will solve this problem if the above steps do not solve it. A new firmware is available for this purpose.

How to update the firmware is described here:

Now the problem is solved. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our service team via our contact form.

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This concerns hörbert 2021 without a mechanical toggle switch.

What you notice:
hörbert plays for about 30 seconds, beeps three times low and then goes off. You can’t switch it on again by pressing the rotary knob.

What happens:
This behaviour means that hörbert’s batteries or accumulators are empty, or that hörbert thinks they are empty.
In this case, it switches off completely and then refuses to switch on.

What could be the reason:
First check whether the batteries are full. Replace all 4 cells together with 4 new batteries or freshly charged rechargeable batteries. If that doesn’t help, do it again! Really, no joke: In 10 years we have very often experienced that one of the empty cells slipped in between the full batteries after all, or supposedly fresh batteries were already empty from the supermarket and thus the problem did not seem to disappear.
Wait about 10 seconds after inserting the new cells and then switch hörbert on by pressing the rotary control.

If this does not help:
If hörbert switches off again after 30 seconds with three deep beeps, and you are quite sure that the batteries / accumulators are full, we have to reach deep into the bag of tricks.
In this case it is probably a bad solder joint that can only be repaired in our workshop, but with a temporary solution you can still use your hörbert until you contact our service team:
We have a firmware update for your hörbert that fixes this problem.

How to update the firmware is described here:

Scroll to the bottom of the page and perform a firmware update with the beta version of the hörbert firmware.

Once you have installed the firmware update, you still need to do two steps to implement the temporary solution:
1.) Download this file and copy it to the root directory of your hörbert memory card: download index.m3u
Note: Save your own index.m3u first, in case there is such a file in the root directory of your memory card.
2.) Eject the memory card properly and insert it again in the hörbert.
3.) Switch on your hörbert
4.) Press the SET button inside the hörbert. A green light will light up next to it.
5.) Press the SET button again inside hörbert. The green light goes out and after a short time hörbert plays again.

Now it no longer goes out after 30 seconds.

Please contact our customer service via our contact form so that we can repair the problem permanently.
Reason: With the temporary solution, you have switched off the protection for your batteries, which ensures that your batteries are not damaged by deep discharge. However, your hörbert electronics can be easily repaired in our workshop.

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The answer is “Yes”:
The settings from the new hörbert can be made via the SET mode.

Inside the unit there is a SET button. When you press it, you can use the coloured buttons on the front and the SET template provided to set the following functions as desired:

  • Sleep timer on/off, playing time in hours and minutes
  • Bluetooth on/off, pairing mode on/off, delete all pairings
  • WiFi on/off
  • Microphone on/off
  • piano/forte
  • Reset to factory settings.

    If you press the power button after making a change, all the changes you have just made are discarded.
    If you press the SET button inside again after making a change, all the changes you have just made will be saved.

WiFi, Bluetooth and microphone are initially deactivated in the factory setting. Only by setting them via the SET mode and after previously configuring the playlists in which recordings are allowed, can the functions be activated by an adult. The prior selection of the playlists that are allowed to save recordings is done via the hörbert software directly on the memory card.neuer hörbert SET-Modus Schablone

You want all this for your own hörbert too? No problem! From spring 2022 onwards, we will offer conversion by electronic exchange for every hörbert since 2011.

However, hörbert 2011 must then be sent to us for the conversion. It will be possible to retrofit the housing as well as the new electronics and optionally the microphone. We cannot give an exact price for the conversion at the moment.

The exact costs have yet to be determined. As soon as we know more, we will post it on our website in the FAQ and also via social media.

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Due to the tight market situation for electronic components, we will not be able to offer the new electronics kit with the new circuit board until spring 2022 – but, as we all know, anticipation is the best joy.

For the time being, the electronics kit is still available with the proven electronics of the 2011 hörbert.

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Visual differences:
The new hörbert comes with a slightly different appearance and a brand new electronic interior.

The toggle switch for switching on/off no longer exists. Instead, the volume control can be pressed for electronic on/off.

If you order a microphone as an option, you get an earpiece with a small opening at the bottom right of the front, behind which the microphone is hidden.

hörbert now has even less plastic. The coloured buttons on the front now also consist of wood!

New features:

  • recording function:
    All sources hörbert knows, it can also record on the memory card: Microphone (if built in), Bluetooth streaming and Internet radio.
  • Microfone (can be ordered as a chargeable option) :
    Record speech and music in CD quality with the microphone and play it back directly from the memory card. The microphone is available as an accessory and is installed by us directly at the time of purchase.
  • WiFi for Internet radio:
    Connect hörbert to your W-Lan to play Internet radio stations with hörbert’s buttons. With the recording function, radio broadcasts can then be recorded and played back later from the memory card.
  • Pause function:
    hörbert continues playing exactly where you switched it off. There is no need to fast-forward to the right place.
  • Even less plastics
    The colourful keys are now wooden turned parts. hörbert thus contains less than 5% plastic. Only the circuit board and the components on it. That can’t be improved any more.
  • Even more space for replaying
    The storage space on the SD card now goes further, because hörbert can play native mp3 and m4a files. That’s why more hours fit on the same card. Each of your memory cards will then hold up to 5 times the amount of content compared to the previous format.
  • Bluetooth Audio for headphones and Streaming
    You can use hörbert with Bluetooth headphones or as a Bluetooth speaker. Simultaneous listening with up to two wireless headphones is possible. With a mobile phone or tablet, you can listen to content from streaming services on hörbert, e.g. from Spotify or audible.
    This is already possible with your “hörbert 2011” if you have a built-in Bluetooth module.
    What is new is that you can also record everything that hörbert plays as a Bluetooth speaker so that you can play it back again and again from the memory card.
    What’s new is that you no longer have to pay anything extra for the Bluetooth functions. Bluetooth audio is now included in the price. Of course, the Bluetooth function can also be switched off completely, so that nothing transmits if you don’t want it to.

Proven and still available:

  • Sleep Timer included
    Set how long hörbert can play before it switches itself off.
  • Selectable additional volume limit included

hörbert comes to you ready to play. Depending on the selection, a pre-recorded memory card is included, as are batteries. So you can start right away when you unpack hörbert.

There is a switch next to those marks. Switching it to ‘piano’ will limit hörbert’s maximum playback volume. The reason behind limiting the maximum volume is to protect ears of very young children, because they may often not be able to handle the volume knob correctly.

Each of the nine coloured buttons represents a list of songs or audio book chapters. By pressing the same button several times, you jump through that list track by track.

The metallic grey button is used for audible fast forward, the black button jumps back to the beginning of the current title. Pressing the black metallic button again will jump back one more title.

hörbert is made of natural materials, that’s why we can’t predict colors and texture of the wood, for example. Each hörbert is unique! Small discolorations or knot-holes leave their traces and are normal.

No. hörbert is portable and runs on four AA batteries, that are commonly available anywhere. We did not add a power supply, so hörbert can also be used by very young children.

No. hörbert plays data from a memory card in SD-card format. You need an SD card reader/writer attached to your computer in order to transfer contents to the memory card. Probably you can even use your digital camera as a card reader if it accepts SD-cards and can at the same time be attached to your computer via USB cable.

The wood, operating elements and electronics have been specifically selected and produced in a way to protect him and your children, when it gets a bit wild in the playroom. hörbert will go through interesting times and may even get some marks and scratches that can easily be corrected with a bit of sand paper. If hörbert should have an unfortunate fall and something gets broken, spare parts are available – because throwing hörbert away is out of the question. Of course, you can also send hörbert in for repair at any time, we will be happy to advise you.

hörbert is available in our online shop at, as well as in selected customer shops, that you can also find on our homepage. No matter where you buy your hörbert, you can have it individually engraved. Just ask at your customer shop, we’ll engrave your hörbert for you while we produce it.

hörbert was designed to be operated by children themselves without the help of anybody. Only transferring content to hörbert and replacing batteries are tasks that are left to grown-ups. As hörbert already comes with lots of songs and audio books, you won’t have to sacrifice your first day with hörbert at your computer instead of giving it to your children.

We don’t recommend a minimum age for using hörbert. You may want to play lullabies to a baby, your two-year-old kid may be able to handle hörbert completely on his or her own, you never know. Maybe grandma or grandpa like to use hörbert as a pretty and simple music box, that’s also a task hörbert can handle.

Children use the colored buttons to select what to listen to next. Behind each of the nine colored buttons there can be several songs or chapters of a story. Skipping them works by pressing the same button several times. There’s one more button for an audible fast forward scan and one more to jump right back to the beginning of the currently playing title. You can even jump further to the previous titles by pressing that ‘back’ button quickly in repeat. Finally, there is a rotary volume knob and a robust on/off switch.

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