hörbert is a versatile playback and recording device for music and speech - ideally suited for children and professionals

neuer hörbert
  • Excellent speech intelligibility and high sound quality
  • Experience it together: Designed for unsupervised use by children
  • Appeals to more senses: High-quality feel due to solid wood and stainless steel
  • Listen everywhere: Can be used with and without internet access
  • Supports sustainability goals: Only 20g of plastic contained
  • No follow-up costs and no restriction to a licence shop
  • Customer service, upgrades and repairs by the German manufacturer
  • Huge variety of possibilities for almost every purpose
  • Facilitates everyday day care as a reliable tool for professionals

I think the Hörbert in the kindergarten is great! The children love him and find peace. They even take it to breakfast. They use it every day. In the morning they say, "Can I have the Hörbert?

Anja S.
Kita am See, Großbettlingen

Why hörbert?

The balancing act of providing quality educational work despite a lack of time and staff is unfortunately everyday life for many professionals. If sustainability and sensory experience are also important, tablets and apps are not good enough. In many places, digitalisation should have its place, but not the upper hand.

In our understanding, it is therefore important that tools for early childhood education do not exacerbate the overall situation, but help to improve it.

hörbert serves all areas that have to do with language or music without forcing professionals into another concept that would have to be implemented. On the contrary, hörbert can be used for existing concepts and can even relieve professionals in their work and create new freedom.

Some examples of its use in day care centres:

  • Multilingual audio books for independent free listening in small groups.
  • Music for relaxation, stimulation or rituals
  • Group games or early musical education
  • Playful knowledge transfer in all areas, e.g. STEM or language development
  • Creative use of microphone recordings “How do I sound?”
  • Inclusion through “one hörbert for all”, e.g. models with larger keys that do not exclude any child

Why is hörbert especially suitable for this?

  • hörbert’s mobile and robust design can withstand everyday use in the day care centre. The haptic experience of the materials and vibrations enhances the listening experience.
  • Plenty of space and easy navigation even with a large amount of content is sufficient for daily programmes and individual listening.
  • A large repertoire can be built up even without follow-up costs. A few re-recordable memory cards can be changed, e.g. according to season, without having to constantly re-record.
  • With an Internet connection, new content can be played back fully automatically without having to re-record audiobooks.
  • The support provided in english language by the manufacturer saves the specialists from having to deal with technical issues.
  • hörbert is individual, e.g. when ordered with larger buttons, external keys and engraved with the name of the institution
  • hörbert can be configured, e.g. with recording functions, headphones, up to the realisation of simple music or speech games
  • Compact, no small parts, no cumbersome tidying up or searching for media

How does hörbert work?

hörbert plays its content via the built-in loudspeaker. For navigation, there are 9 colourful buttons that jump one track forward each time they are pressed.

hörbert’s music and audio books are stored on a reusable memory card inside, which can only be accessed by unscrewing it (screw with penny slot). hörbert draws its power from 4 rechargeable batteries (or also primary batteries) that can be changed in seconds when they are empty. This eliminates tedious charging and waiting. hörbert can (but does not have to) play content via WiFi from the Internet or via Bluetooth. Up to 2 Bluetooth headphones can also be used simultaneously. The microphone is built in, so it can’t get lost.

1) Press the volume control to switch on/off, Turn to change the volume
2) 9 playlists, each containing many tracks.
3) Fast forward audibly within a title
4) Jump to the beginning of a title
5) Built-in microphone
7) Battery clips for 4 conventional rechargeable batteries (AA / “Mignon”)
9) This is where the supplied memory card or your own card is inserted

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