The upgrade for your original hörbert 2011

In October 2021, our new hörbert was launched with many great features. Make your hörbert fit for the next 10 years!
This hörbert upgrade is suitable for all hörberts with the mechanical toggle switch for switching on/off that were sold between February 2011 and October 2021. Even if you bought your hörbert used, this upgrade is a great way to use all its new features: Lasting durability!

If you have built your own MP3-player with our electronics kit 2011, please contact our service team first before ordering if you are unsure whether the components are suitable for your own player.

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What will your updated hörbert be able to do?

The following functions are included with the new electronics:

  •  The switch is gone. After upgrading, you can switch hörbert on and off by pressing the volume knob.
  • Even less plastic. The new electronics have turned wooden knobs. After that, only about 5% of your hörbert will be made of plastic.
  • Pause function: When switched on, hörbert continues to play exactly from the second it was switched off.
  • Play and record internet radio: Connect hörbert to a Wireless LAN (2.4 GHz) and add Internet radio URLs to your playlists.
  • Use up to two Bluetooth headphones for listening at the same time
  • Bluetooth streaming with recording function: connect hörbert as a Bluetooth speaker to your mobile phone
  • Record and listen to your own voice on the memory card with the built-in microphone
  • Sleep timer with adjustable switch-off time
  • 3 x more space for content on your memory card thanks to native MP3 playback
  • Flexible configuration options with the playlist language PlaLa
  • Add new features through firmware updates

* Prices including 19% VAT