Questions about hörbert

The SET mode is only available on the hörbert model 2021. All special functions of hörbert can be activated and deactivated via this mode. This SET template shows which functions can be set. It is always included in the delivery of a new hörbert:

How do you set hörbert to SET mode?

  1. Open the rear back panel with a coin and pull out the back panel.
  2. Switch on hörbert, it will then play normally through its loudspeaker.
  3. Inside hörbert, press the small button labelled “SET” once. The LED on the SET button is now solid green. hörbert is mute. The front buttons are now in SET mode.
  4. Set the desired functions. You can set all functions at once. You will find a detailed explanation of the individual functions below.
  5. Important: After setting the functions, you must press the SET button inside again so that they are saved.
  6. There is a time-out of about 5 minutes. So make all the settings you want within this time and press the SET button again at the end to save them.
  7. Then wait a few seconds until hörbert is playing normally again and only then switch it off or let hörbert continue to entertain you, just as you like.

What do the symbols on the SET template mean?

  1. Dark purple button: Activate the sleep timer by pressing it once. If you hear a single beep, the sleep timer is now activated. If you hear a double, slightly lower beep, the sleep timer is off. To activate it, simply press the dark purple button again. ON is indicated on the template by the green tick. OFF is indicated by the red XX.
  2. Red and dark blue button: Set the desired playing time of the sleep timer. Each click on the red button means +1 hour. You can set up to 7 hours of playing time, then the counter starts again at 0, indicated by a double beep. Each click on the dark blue button means: +10 minutes. For example, you can set a playing time of 2.5 hours by pressing the red button twice and the dark blue button three times.
  3. Light green button: Activate Bluetooth (single beep) / deactivate (double beep)
  4. Yellow button: Activate pairing (single beep) / deactivate (double beep). The first time you want to pair a new Bluetooth device, e.g. mobile phone or wireless headphones with hörbert, you must activate both Bluetooth and pairing. Once all the desired devices in the household have been paired, you can deactivate the pairing function on the hörbert by pressing SET -> yellow button -> SET. This should prevent unwanted third-party devices from connecting by mistake.
  5. Pigeon blue button (middle row far right): Delete all pairings.
  6. Light blue button: Activate volume limit (pp stands for piano. This quiet setting is active when the double beep is heard).
  7. Orange button: Activate WiFi for listening to Internet radio (single beep) / deactivate (double beep).
  8. Dark green button: activate voice microphone (single beep) / deactivate (double beep)

Further information:
To listen to Internet radio, you must first save the W-LAN data to the memory card with the hörbert software and read it into the hörbert. In addition, at least one streaming URL of an Internet radio station must be stored on one of the coloured buttons. See our instructions for hörbert or the corresponding FAQ for the Internet radio function.

In order for recordings to be made via Bluetooth WiFi or via the voice microphone, the memory card must also be processed with the hörbert software beforehand. You have to tell hörbert on which coloured buttons you want to allow which recordings. -> See also our blog article about hörbert’s recording functions.

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