hörbert electronics kit with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and microphone

With the hörbert electronics kit, you can create your own customized music box. The kit includes all the necessary components and instructions. You can design your music box according to your preferences and equip it with various features. Whether you want to record your own melodies, create playlists, play audio books, or record music, the hörbert electronics kit offers you numerous possibilities. Let your creativity run wild and create a unique musical experience for your child, tailored to your desires.

You will also be able to use your self-built MP3 player as an internet radio, Bluetooth speaker, and recording device for Bluetooth audio, internet radio, and microphone recordings.

hörbert electronics kit. Includes main circuit board, rotary encoder with knob, microphone, wooden key caps, speaker, speaker grille, and all cables.

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Documents, drawings and downloads to help you with your project

The quick guide includes the most important tips for the kit and the drilling template for the keypad.

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