Questions about hörbert

The standard model from hörbert 2011 – without an additional module such as a sleep timer or Bluetooth module lasts for approximately 50 hours.
If the sleep timer module (automatic switch-off) is installed, the playing time is reduced by a few hours.
With the Bluetooth module installed, the playing time is reduced by up to 1/3 of the playing time of the standard model, i.e. about 35 hours.

So far, we have tested the new hörbert 2021 in our factory at medium volume in an endurance test with high-quality AA batteries.
In standard mode – i.e. when playing from its SD card – hörbert 2021 plays for approximately 38 hours.

If you use hoerbert in Bluetooth- oder WiFi Mode only, hörberts plays shorter, approximately 17-20 hours, depending on the batteries/accumulators you use.

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