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The hörbert blog. Here, we’ll share interesting facts about hörbert and other WINZKI products. You’ll also find fascinating articles in our blog on the topics of family, children, and more.Now, where can you find content for your hörbert? Click here for a couple of ideas.Happy reading!

WINZKI celebrates its 10th anniversary!

hörbert – origin of a whole market segment Founding of the company on 09.02.2011, entry in the Stuttgart Commercial Register on 15.02.2011. This is the starting signal for the now 10-year, very successful career of hörbert, invented by company founder Rainer Brang. hörbert is the world’s first music player designed especially for children and sustainably …

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The new hörbert software

Ho, ho, ho! Santa Claus also brings something for Mom and Dad: The new hörbert software comes fresh and still warm from the Christmas bakery. We have finally cut off old habits: Adobe AIR is no longer needed. Look forward to a wider range of functions, faster editing and a fresh look. Have fun with …

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hörbert by a tree, deep in the forest

Chapter 1. Greetings from Utopia: Can we have a plastic-free world?

Imagine… Clean countryside. Rivers and seas that provide a setting for healthy life on land and in the water. Air and drinking water free of toxins from plastic waste. It’s a beautiful vision. Sadly, we are still a long way from having a plastic-free world. Did you know… that we produce about 400 million tons …

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Fun with Bluetooth-earphones and mp3-Player for Kids

Did you know? – Tips around the Bluetooth module for hörbert

Is your child still a toddler or already a school kid? Time just flies by and the cuddly toddler phase is over. Your child is getting bigger and bigger and with it the desire for autonomy increases. Did you notice that as well? “Do it myself” is the favourite sentence. At the same time we parents are imitated in everything we do. We are the most important role models for our children.   Hörbert would like to accompany your child in all phases of life. The very youngest children like to use him as a sleeping aid with their favourite music. Kindergarten children discover their creativity with captivating radio plays and are always on the move – with hörbert in their luggage.   And what is important to the older kids, the school children? Current hits are becoming more and more interesting. Perhaps they will listen to a children’s podcast here and there. Streaming services expand the repertoire and have the ideal content for every mood. Among the best known streaming providers are Audible (www.audible.de), Deezer (www.deezer.com) and Spotify (www.spotify.com).  We have developed the Bluetooth module so that your child can listen to this content in a safe and manageable environment, without distraction from mobile phones and the like. The mobile phone remains in your vicinity to select the streams. Your child listens to the desired music or radio plays with its hörbert as a familiar and high-quality loudspeaker. This way, your child can safely and easily dive into the streaming world of the big ones.   Thanks to the automatic switch-off function already integrated in the Bluetooth module, you always have your child’s listening time under control. A special feature and exclusive to the Bluetooth module: the switch-off times can be combined. For example, if you set it to 10 minutes and 20 minutes, hörbert switches off after 30 minutes.   But your Bluetooth hörbert can do even more. Bluetooth compatible headphones can be connected to hörbert for undisturbed listening pleasure. You can even play the content on 2 headphones simultaneously.  And best of all: you don’t have to buy a new hörbert, you can install the module into any hörbert yourself and thus upgrade your hörbert. If you prefer to have us retrofit the module, we will be happy to do this for you.

A small child listens to music on his MP3 player for children

How do you get your own material onto hörbert? (e.g. songs that you sing yourself or stories that you read aloud)

How hörbert brings people together Do you have to travel a lot for work? Do your child’s grandparents or godparents live far away? Oh, but wouldn’t it be great to be able to sing your child or grandchild a lullaby or read them a bedtime story? It’s so easy with hörbert! And the best thing …

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Open source: Our hörbert software

In order to make it even more convenient, safe and quicker to upload new content to hörbert, we are working on our new hörbert software for uploading files to hörbert’s memory cards.In the past, the software was based on “Adobe AIR”, but now we are cutting off these old habits. The new software runs directly …

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Create radio play with Lesewal

hörbert-Tip: individual stories from the reading whale and Swiss podcast “THEO tells” for children

Bring your voice into the children’s room as a radio play Reading studies show — reading aloud is the basic building block for good reading skills — which is a prerequisite for everything that comes during and after school. Our kids podcast tip: “THEO tells” the first kids podcast from Switzerland What does a Swiss …

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Streaming with hörbert

This lifehack shows you how to make hörbert into a real children’s radio – either live or prerecorded. How-to: Upcycling an old cell phone or tablet to provide a radio transmitter for kids What you need: Your wireless network, an old cell phone or tablet and your hörbert with the Bluetooth module One of the …

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hörbert and DHL GoGreen

Winzki GmbH & Co. KG offset a total of 4.27 t CO2e in 2019 through climate-neutral GOGREEN products and services. Thanks to our cooperation with DHL and climate-neutral shipping (GoGreen), we once again managed to make an important contribution to environmental protection in 2019. Within the GoGreen environmental protection program, any greenhouse gases (GHGs) generated …

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