hörbert Firmware

Firmware is the name of the programme that runs directly in hörbert’s electronics. In contrast to the hörbert software, which you need to record music and audio plays on its memory card, the firmware determines hörbert’s range of functions. You can always update hörbert with a new firmware file and a few simple steps: Every now and then, you will receive new functions or bug fixes simply by file, without having to send the entire device.

For hörbert models from October 2021 (without mechanical toggle switch) you will always find the latest firmware on this page.

How updating the firmware works

  1. Open hörbert and pull out its memory card.
  2. Insert the memory card into your computer. It will be visible in the computer as a new drive.
  3. Download the firmware file and copy it into the root directory of hörbert’s memory card.
    It is very important that the file is named hoerbert_firmware.bin.
    Especially if you download the file several times, the computer will automatically rename it to hoerbert_firmware(2).bin or similar.
    But only if it is called hoerbert_firmware.bin, hörbert can read it later.
    Mac users: The file must/may not be unpacked by macOS.
  4. Now release the memory card by “ejecting” or “disconnecting” it from the computer and only then pull it out.
  5. Put the memory card back into hörbert’s card holder.
  6. To be on the safe side – and so that you don’t unintentionally install firmware – you now need to do a few things:
    * Release a battery from its battery clip and place it loosely on the battery clips.
    * Gently(!) press the SET button inside hörbert while the battery is not yet inserted, and keep your finger on the button for the next 30 seconds or so!
    * Now press the battery back into its clip.
    * Keep your finger on the SET button until you hear 2 beeps. (This will seem endless to you, but in reality it will only take about 30 seconds).
    Congratulations! Now you have successfully installed the firmware.
    If you hear a beep after 3-4 seconds, then the firmware was probably already in the same version on your hörbert.After a firmware update, you will benefit from the latest bug fixes and the newest functions that we always release.
    If you do not find any errors and are satisfied with the range of functions, you do not need to carry out firmware updates. Of course, it’s a good idea to subscribe to our newsletter so that you’ll at least always know when there’s something new – maybe there’s something for you from time to time.


hörbert’s firmware is constantly being developed further. As soon as an official new firmware is released, the next small change ends up in a new beta version. Beta version means something like “does not necessarily work completely, but has new functions”. In beta versions, we can “just try out” new functions, or functions that just could not be tested long enough.

Those who install a beta version should only do so at the behest of our customer service if it contains a special solution to a particular problem. Those who are curious – or intrepid – are welcome to use our beta version voluntarily. If so, we’d be happy to hear back if everything is OK, or if someone may have even found a possible bug.

The download for the latest beta version is here:

beta firmware download

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