hörbert for care institutions

hörbert for nursing and care facilities

Do you work in a nursing or care facility and know the magical effect of music? Are you looking for a robust and self-sufficient playback device with intuitive operation and a long playing time? Does your institution value sustainability? Then hörbert is exactly the right player for your institution.

Numerous childcare facilities are already convinced of hörbert. It makes everyday life easier for you and your team thanks to its reliability and robustness. hörbert is the ideal musical companion and story teller – whether dancing in the garden, movement games in the gymnasium, relaxing stories in the cosy corner – hörbert does it all.

hörbert’s electronics are so efficient that battery changes are a rarity. An automatic switch-off ensures that the device does not run down unobserved. To charge hörbert, you don’t have to spend a long time at a fixed charging station, just load him with a new set of rechargeable batteries and you’re ready to go.

hörbert im Blauen Haus in Stuttgart
hörbert at the "Blaues Haus" in Stuttgart
hörbert for all generations

Easy to operate

Thanks to the 9 colourful buttons, each of which controls a playlist, it is easy even for very young children to operate hörbert independently. Senior citizens or people with limitations or disabilities also benefit from the simple operating concept, which does without a display or unnecessary functions. In practice, it is a good idea to have several memory cards with seasonal themes and songs for certain occasions, such as Easter, the holiday season or Christmas. These can then be changed in seconds without needing time to re-record. With 51 hours of storage capacity on the SD card, there is enough space for many themes.

Safety first and foremost

When it comes to safety, hörbert makes no compromises. With hörbert there is no mains voltage necessary and hence no tripping hazards due to cables – hörbert is made for safe continuous use. Its robust exterior made of solid wood and stainless steel withstands the sometimes rough handling in facilities without any problems.

Sustainability all along the line

Just like you, we care a great deal about people – both large and small. That’s why we focus on resource conservation and sustainable production in Germany. Sustainability is part of the mission of many institutions, and hörbert helps to fulfil this mission: For example, repairability is one of its cornerstones, and it is already incorporated into hörbert’s design.

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