hörbert for care institutions

hörbert for care and educational institutions

Illustration: Strichzeichnung von Kindern

hörbert is not only suited for children at home. The robust audio player is perfect for children and elderly people in care facilities to convey stories and music. The simple handling and rare necessity of changing batteries make its use uncomplicated and fun. The content of the memory card can easily be changed and customised towards the target group.

Thus, we recommend it to ll the facilities which put an emphasis on a qualitative but simple entertaining method for its guests and residents.

Music conveys feelings, moods, evokes memories and supports the develompent of children. Young and old people both profit from musical offers. Listening together helps to improve solidarity and cooperation, and children foster their speaking and listening skills through interesting and diversified content. hörbert is an enrichment for all types of facilities and is easy to use thanks to its unique features.

50 hours with one charge of batteries

The electronics are so efficient that battery replacement becomes a rarity. 50 hours with a set of batteries. After that there is no need for hörbert to be fixed for long to a charging station, just load it with a new set of batteries and you’re ready to go.

Safety first and foremost

hörbert also makes no compromises when it comes to safety. No mains voltage and no tripping hazards due to cables – made for safe continuous use.

Very easy to operate

Thanks to the 9 colourful buttons, each of which controls a playlist, it is even easy for the very little ones to hear independently. Imagine how incredibly proud the little ones are! Even seniors or people with limitations benefit from it, because who wants to operate an awkward display or complicated cloud functions? A small tip from the practice: Example several memory cards with season topics and songs on certain occasions, like Easter, vacation time or Christmas. With 1000 minutes of storage capacity on the SD card, you can enjoy almost limitless listening pleasure.

Appreciation all along the line

Just like you, people – large and small – are very important to us. That’s why we focus on conserving resources and sustainable production in Germany.

Special conditions for educational, nursing and care facilities: 199 €

Price incl. VAT plus shipping. From 2 devices we deliver free of charge. Incl. engraving with the name of the institution. Dispatch and invoice only to the official address of an institution. We decide on the granting of special conditions in each individual case.

What is included?

✓ Ready to play: 140 minutes of music and radio plays already included (German memory card or optional international content) ✓ Memory card for 17 hours of own content ✓ Batteries, so you can start playing right away ✓ Software on the memory card for easy recording with PC or Mac ✓ Engraving with the name or logo of your institution/group

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