Free music and audio books for children

Free audio books for children are great for hörbert, because you can load about 51 hours (17 hours with hörbert 2011) of music audio books onto his included memory card – and it’s always new and free! You can find free content for hörbert in MP3 format online or buy it as an audio CD. Please note that the audio files and CDs should not be copy protected (DRM, Digital Rights Management), because such content may not (and cannot) be converted by the hörbert software. And where can you find free music and audio plays for children? We will help you find them.

Here you’ll find free music and audio books for children to download

Downloadable content is ideal to keep your hörbert updated with new content. This collection of links is not complete. The sorting is random. We are not the provider of the content and accept no liability for the linked websites, their content, possible licence infringements or suitability for children. Listen to the audio books and music and decide if they are suitable for your child. Some of these links also contain download offers and review sites for music and audio books for children.

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