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Your hörbert 2021 no longer plays?

Here are the possible solutions:
1) To be on the safe side, please try again with a fresh pack of high-quality AA batteries if you have already replaced the batteries once. Sometimes an empty cell sneaks in when you change the batteries or the batteries are already empty from the supermarket. When using rechargeable batteries, it can also happen that they no longer charge fully, a cell is defective or the charger has a fault.

2) When changing batteries – if the batteries have been removed from the unit – please take this opportunity to gently bend the ends of the opposing metal battery clips together with two fingers to ensure that the contact between the clips and the batteries is in the correct place. Please also do this if you think that the batteries are actually very tight.

3) The error may also be due to the contents of the memory card. In this case, please send the service file of your memory card to service (at) hoerbert (dot) com for checking.

How to get the service file from your memory card:
start the hörbert software, select the hörbert model, insert the card, wait until the card is displayed and then click on “Read card”. In the software menu at the top click on “Help” -> Service tools -> Collect data for service. Select a location for the file to be created. The hörbert software will now create the zip file and save it to this location. Please send the zip file by e-mail afterwards.

4) It could also be that a firmware update will help your hörbert and revive it, even if it cannot be switched on at the moment. This is especially recommended if you received your new hörbert model 2021 before 31.5.2022 and have not yet done a firmware update.

See the further information on this page:

hörbert Firmware Update

If you need further support, please contact our service team, preferably via the contact form.


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