Creations made by our DIY-kit customersGreat, what our customers make out of our electronic kit !

Electronics kit

A dream in pink

This kit is fantastically colourful and very light! Every single flower, every butterfly and every bird was cut out of various napkins and glued on with napkin glue. A lot of patience that

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Electronics kit honeycomb box

Honeycomb box

Sometimes design is obvious – the honeycomb box! Enthusiastic parents who are into impregnation have made this homemade box for their daughter. Great! Do bees like this mp3 player too?

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Electronics kit Hörhund

Listening dog

A dog to hear! Mr Boiger built this listening dog for his grandchildren. The special features here are that the ears and tail can be used as carrying straps. The control panel is

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Ferdi selfmade creation kit

Ferdi is everywhere

Hallo liebes hörbert-Team, anbei präsentiere ich den eigenbau “Modell Ferdi” mit dem Elektronik Bausatz. Diese Variante besteht aus einer selbstgebauten Holzbox mit einem Griff, sodass “Ferdi” überall dabei sein kann. Viele Grüße Michael

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hör-jo kit creation

Here comes Hör-JO!

Dear Hörbert team, building the Hörbert was a lot of fun. The electronic components you supplied made a very good impression. At Christmas, Jakob (2.5 years old) finally unpacked his “Hör-JO” (signed by

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