Music and audio books for children – for your hörbert

You can add your own content to hörbert’s memory cards at any time. You get a lot of content for free when you buy your hörbert. And here we offer you pre-recorded memory cards with selected content from many great artists.

Pre-recorded memory cards for hörbert

Additional memory cards with varied listening content complement hörbert’s accessories and provide new listening fun in no time at all. Over 4 hours of enchanting songs and stories have already been divided into 9 playlists ready to play for your hörbert.

Contents in Swiss dialect

Free content with every hörbert

One of three selectable memory cards, each with over 140 minutes of children’s songs and stories, comes FREE with every hörbert. So that you and your child can start listening as soon as you hold your hörbert in your hands, a pre-recorded memory card is included in the package with every hörbert. Choose your starter memory card when you buy, either in German, as a multilingual (international) version or in Swiss dialect.

German memory card

Swinging songs, exciting stories and great audio samples. You'll find 140 minutes of content on this memory card with German-language content.

International memory card

e have compiled high-quality music titles and varied short stories in 6 different languages for you on this memory card. A total of 180 minutes in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch.

Swiss-German memory card

Great Swiss artists spoil your ears with over 150 minutes of listening content with titles in Swiss dialect. A fun and unusual compilation.

Even more free music and radio plays for children

You can find many free radio plays for children and free content here:

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