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the new hörbert

The NEW hörbert is much more than an MP3 player for children. Robustly made of solid wood and sustainably handcrafted in Germany, each hörbert is a valuable one-of-a-kind.

Thanks to child’s play intuitive operation with nine colourful buttons for nine playlists, hörbert is already suitable for children from the age of 2.

The hörbert design is unique and a real feast for the eyes. Solid wood meets high-quality stainless steel. Plastic parts are reduced to a minimum. Even the colourful keys are made of wood.

The inside of hörbert is also impressive. With Bluetooth, recording function, microphone, sleep timer and the possibility to play Internet radio, no wishes are left unfulfilled. And all this without expensive follow-up costs such as subscriptions or licences.

hörbert’s rewritable memory card offers an incredible amount of space for your own listening content – about 50 hours of music and radio plays (when using MP3 files) fit on the SD card. You are completely free to decide which content you want to include – depending on your child’s wishes, age and preferences.
This is very easy with the help of the hörbert software for Windows, Mac and Linux, which can be downloaded from our service website.

When you purchase, choose which free children’s songs and stories you would like us to include in your hörbert package: We already include over 2 hours of music and audio plays.

hörbert from the outside

1. Volume control with integrated on/off switch
2. Wooden selection keys / playlist keys

Each key plays your individual playlist, which you can record in simple steps with the hörbert software. Pressing the same button again takes you to the next song – so you can quickly click through the playlists.

3. Fast forward button

The fast forward button allows you to fast forward within a song.

4. Return button

Pressing this button takes you back step by step in the song.

5. Built-in microphone

With the microphone, you can save voice recordings of your loved ones to the SD card at the touch of a button.

hörbert from the inside

6. SET button

The SET button is located inside. Use this button to set your hörbert to your individual needs – volume limit, sleep timer, Bluetoooth on/off, WLAN on/off.

7. Battery clamps

Insert the batteries here. You need four AA batteries or, even better, environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries.

8. Built-in microphone

The microphone is already built into the inside of your hörbert.

9. Memory card slot

We supply an SD card pre-recorded with lots of content. You can re-record it individually.

Start listening immediately

Insert the supplied batteries and memory card, screw it shut and off you go..

Öffnen der Rückwandschraube
Öffnen des Schiebedeckels
Einlegen der Batterien oder Akkus
Schließen des Schiebedeckels
Festziehen der Rückwandschraube mit einer Münze
hörbert is Spielfertig

Discover all new functions

Brand new functions

Click on the topics that interest you!

All sources that hörbert knows can also be recorded on the memory card: Microphone, Bluetooth streaming and internet radio

Record speech and music in CD quality with the microphone and play it back directly from the memory card. 

Connect hörbert to your 2.4 GHz W-Lan to play Internet radio stations with hörbert’s buttons. With the recording function, radio broadcasts can be recorded and later downloaded from the memory card.

hörbert continues playing exactly where you switched it off. There is no need to fast-forward to the right place.

Die bunten Tasten sind jetzt Holzdrehteile geworden. hörbert beinhaltet damit weniger als 5% Kunststoffe: Nur noch die Leiterplatte und die Bauteile darauf. Das lässt sich nicht mehr verbThe colourful keys have now become wooden turned parts. hörbert thus contains less than 5% plastics: Only the circuit board and the components on it. There is no more room for improvement left.

Your storage space will be larger because hörbert can now play native mp3 and m4a files. That’s why more hours fit on the same card – each of your memory cards can hold up to 5 times the amount of content compared to the previous format.

In the future, we can easily provide you with new functions and bug fixes so that you can always be up-to-date with your hörbert and its many possibilities.

We are introducing the Playlist Language, with which you can control hörbert down to the smallest detail. This feature will be expanded in the future. It’s already a treat for tinkerers.

Tried and tested rethought

click on the topics that interest you!

You can use hörbert as a loudspeaker and listen to Spotify and Audible, for example, with a mobile phone or tablet via Bluetooth streaming.

What’s new is that you can also record everything hörbert plays so that you can play it back again and again from the memory card.

What’s new is that you no longer have to pay anything extra for this benefit. Bluetooth audio is now included. (Of course, it can be switched off completely so that nothing transmits when you don’t want it to.)

Up to 2 stereo headphones can be connected via Bluetooth audio so that two children can listen to the audio at the same time.

What’s new is that you no longer have to pay anything extra for this benefit. Bluetooth audio is now included. (Of course, it can be completely switched off so that nothing transmits that you don’t want it to).

Set how long hörbert is allowed to play before it switches itself off – to fall asleep or simply to save energy.

With the proven piano/forte volume limiter, hörbert can be made even safer for small children

No encryption, no subscription, no compulsory licensing. You can upload your own content to hörbert. hörbert is yours, and always has been.

New: You can now save recordings from all music sources on the memory card with hörbert: With a microphone (accessory), via Bluetooth (included) or Internet radio (included).

Solid wood frames and stainless steel continue to provide the legendary durability that has been confirmed thousands of times.

What is new is that due to rising metal prices, we use some spacers made of wood to be less dependent on metal prices.

Our free hörbert software is used to conveniently upload your own content and organise the memory card. By the way, it is open source!

Make hörbert an especially personal gift with a name engraving. We will produce it in no time at all, so your order will not be delayed.

No longer able to use the device because of a small problem? Not with us! With hörbert, reparability is already included in the design. That saves resources and your wallet.

Just in case, our five-star service team will help you with all your questions. By phone, email and with the help of our ticket system.

You want all this for your own hörbert too? No problem! As of spring 2022, we will be offering conversion by electronic exchange (for a fee) for every hörbert since 2011. Subscribe to our newsletter so that you don’t miss the starting signal!

hörbert brings more than 2 hours of selected songs and stories with him

Find out about hörbert’s prerecorded content here, which you can choose from when ordering.

Record your own content at any time

With the hörbert software for Mac, Windows and Linux, you can easily record your own songs and radio plays. The hörbert software helps you to define the contents of the nine playlists and their order. When transferring the content, the software automatically converts it into a format that hörbert can play back in a particularly energy-saving way. In addition, the software offers the option of backing up your memory card, printing a table of contents or formatting the card.

Speicherkarte wird in einen hörbert gesteckt
Speicherkarte wird in ein Macbook geschoben
Dateiformate mp3 m4a wav aif

hörbert is made of wood

Children learn from nature. Frame and handle are made of solid beech wood, the front is made of poplar plywood and the back of birch plywood. With hörbert, your child has a loyal and long-lasting companion. Insensitive, robust and suitable for romping around. If something does break, you can have any mishap repaired in the hörbert workshop – thanks to the replaceable parts – or repair it yourself with a little manual skill.

hörbert in a treehouse

Each hörbert is made in Germany

Responsibly handmade. Piece by piece, our high-quality children’s MP3 player is made from non-toxic materials and with a lot of handwork. We can engrave your music box individually on request.

hörbert remains sustainably valuable

Things of value stay with you for a long time. We rely on wood, stainless steel and few (but recyclable) plastics. This, combined with features like durability, repairability, minimal packaging and CO2-neutral shipping, are our answers to your search for a sustainable MP3 player.

New hoerbert with child

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