Questions about hörbert

Your hörbert has fallen on the encoder? If you are confident enough to repair it yourself, you will find the instructions below. If you cannot repair the encoder, it is also available as a spare part in our shop. You can order it and replace it yourself with the help of the instructions below. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can of course send hörbert to us for inspection and repair.

Please be sure to contact our service team in writing beforehand to receive a ticket number and the corresponding return instructions.
Encoder removal guide:

  • Loosen the rotary knob on the encoder with a 2mm hexagon socket/bus
  • Loosen the nut under the knob. You will need an 11mm wrench/socket for this. 
  • Then pull the encoder out of the mounting hole and loosen the release from the ribbon cable on the encoder itself. To loosen the release, you have to push the two protruding black lugs on the right and left of the cable with your fingernails. Then carefully pull out the cable.
  • The ribbon cable can get stuck in the board on the other side.
  • Remove the encoder and carefully try to straighten it again.
  • If this does not work, order the spare part from our shop or send it to hörbert by arrangement.


Install repaired or new encoder:


  • Plug the cable into the encoder. Make sure that the cable is plugged in as shown in the picture and that the blue side is not inserted with the wrong polarity. The white side must be at the top.
  • Push the release on the cable shut:

  • Insert the encoder into the mounting hole of the housing and put on the nut.
  • Tighten the nut with the 11 mm spanner.
  • Put on the rotary knob – with a distance of approx. 1 mm to the housing – and tighten it with the grub screw and the 2mm hexagon socket. Done!

    Print text as PDF: Anleitung Einbau neuer Encoder

We’ll agree on a price with you, because it always depends on what is broken.
If something is wrong with your hoerbert, please send us a note along with photos (<1.9 MB in size) to service (at) hoerbert (dot) com

As long as the decorated part is not broken, we’ll replace only other parts and you’ll get your own hörbert back, of course.

You might want to replace the handle, the loudspeaker, the on/off switch and the volume knob yourself. That’s okay, if you have the know-how and the tools to perform such a repair. If you don’t, contact us, so you can send your hörbert in for a repair.

When batteries leak, you will find traces of battery chemistry on the electronics (circuit board). You must cleanly remove these traces in order to get your hörbert back in shape.

Cleaning after leaking batteries:

Important safety instructions

Take care of your safety and that of your surroundings in the following activities! Only work with safety glasses! Only work with protective gloves! Don't touch anything else with your gloves on! Work with an open window and sufficient fresh air supply! Do not work near flames or ignition sources! Keep chemicals and tools away from children! This manual does not apply to other devices! Leave the repair to us, if you don't think you can take a step!  Risk of injury: splashes of alcohol or battery chemistry in the eyes may cause serious eye injury. In the event of an accident, consult a doctor immediately. Fires may occur when working with high-proof alcohol. Have extinguishing agent ready. Alcohol can dry out your skin, so wear gloves! And again: Keep children away from chemicals and tools!

And so it goes:

  1. Pull the memory card out of the memory card holder. Check the contacts on the memory card. It may need to be replaced when it has received battery chemistry. You can try cleaning them with alcohol.
  2. Remove the electronics by loosening the 4 nuts on the board. Lift up the board and disconnect all 3 cables.
  3. Find all traces of battery chemistry on the top AND bottom of the board. You’ll need to clean it very carefully to stop the corrosion.
  4. Use plenty of isopropyl alcohol 70% (e.g. from the pharmacy): Drip the alcohol abundantly on all places where you find traces of battery chemistry. Soak everything. If the alcohol evaporates, drip more of it onto the board, even into the memory card holder.
  5. Use your toothbrush to scrupulously remove all traces of battery chemistry. Cotton swabs can also help. Important: NEVER scratch! Because if you scratch a trace or destroy a small component, it is very likely that the board is finally broken.
  6. When everything is clean, let the alcohol evaporate for an hour. Never use the electronics in wet condition.
  7. Now you can plug all cables back in where they were, insert the board again and screw it tight.
  8. Now insert the batteries and the memory card again and switch on audibly. Don’t forget to breathe.

Yes. Small defects or scratches can even be removed with a fine sandpaper. The best way to repair major damage is to replace the affected parts so that stable and safe operation can be restored afterwards. For larger repairs you can send us your hörbert by prior arrangement. A complete housing replacement (i.e. replacement of the frame and the front using all your intact hörbert parts) can only be carried out in our workshop, as we can also carry out any necessary minor repairs – at the previously agreed flat-rate price, of course.

* Prices including 19% VAT