hörbert - less plastic is not possible.

hörbert is the sustainable and durable music player for children,
that convinces with its robust construction, easy operation
and the ability to upload your own content.

Discover the world of listening with hörbert – sustainable, easy and full of fun!

  • Over 2 hours of pre-installed music and audio books
  • 9 freely programmable playlists
  • Free web radio playback and recording
  • Bluetooth streaming and recording from your mobile phone
  • Built-in microphone for your own recordings
  • Can be used with up to 2 Bluetooth headphones at the same time
  • Sleep timer



hörbert mikrofon

Easy operation

Press hörbert’s volume button and he’ll start playing right away.

To select a playlist, simply press the corresponding button on the front of the device. Each of the nine colorful buttons is assigned to a playlist. When you press a button, the playlist will start and the songs or audiobooks will play one after the other. To change the playlist, simply press the corresponding button.

With the forward and backward buttons, you can fast forward or rewind within a track.

When you turn hörbert on next time, he’ll resume playing where you last left off.


Listen to free content

hörbert comes with more than 2 hours of pre-installed music and audio stories. When purchasing in our shop, you can choose what should be included on your free memory card: German content, international content, or Swiss German content. The included memory card offers space for over 50 hours of content!

You can of course also upload your own content, such as audio stories, music, or audiobooks, to any of hörbert’s 9 playlists. To do this, simply insert the memory card into your computer and use the free hörbert software to organize and transfer content from music CDs or audio files.

If you prefer, you can also choose one of our pre-loaded memory cards, which offer hours of selected content from great artists, ready to go.


Offene Dateiformate für hörbert
hörbert jetzt auch mit Bluetooth Modul zum Streamen und Verbinden mit Bluetooth Kopfhörern

Unlimited streaming

If you’re not interested in pre-installed playlists or your own content, you can also listen to free web radio over WiFi. This way, you will never run out of new content. The web radio stations can be stored in the playlists just like normal titles.

Or maybe you want to stream music from your phone via Bluetooth, like with a Bluetooth speaker? To do this, simply press hörbert’s volume control twice to turn it on and connect your phone.

Prefer no wireless signals? No problem: all wireless connections can be completely turned off if you don’t want to use them. Then hörbert will only play content from its memory card.


Record everything

Homemade is always the best! Keep what you like: Whether it’s singing, speech through the built-in microphone, web radio from the Internet, or Bluetooth audio from your phone – hörbert can record and play it all.

Your creativity knows no limits – except for the size of the memory card, which is easily replaceable.


hörbert with bluetooth-headphones in blue-orange

Two headphones simultaneously

Not everyone wants to listen along? Then use your hörbert with up to two Bluetooth headphones at the same time! This way, even in the car on the back seat with two people, it won’t get boring. And because hörbert wants to go everywhere with you, it is of course also included on every holiday trip.

Safety: You won’t find any cables or cable connections on your hörbert, because we consider cables in the children’s room to be too dangerous. The risk of strangulation and tripping is too great for us.


Sleep Timer

Don’t want constant noise? That’s understandable! hörbert’s sleep timer ensures that hörbert automatically shuts off after a set time. This saves the batteries and, sometimes, your nerves. Of course, hörbert is also great for lullabies or as part of a bedtime routine.

Familiarity and reliability provide children with a strong foundation during their exciting childhood years.


A small child listens to music on his MP3 player for children

Only 2% plastics

For the environment and against the plastic flood in the nursery! hörbert contains only 2% plastic. Its robust construction and durability protect the environment and the resources that should be preserved for our children.

And in case of real problems, hörbert is of course repairable – by design!


As individual as you

Available with name engraving: Buy your hörbert directly from the manufacturer here - Made in Germany.

* Prices including 19% VAT