hörbert is a portable mp3-player for children - with a built-in speaker and made of wood!

  • Das ist hörbert

    Audio player for children

    hörbert is a portable mp3-player for kids. All controls are suitable for children - and parents do love him for the long playing time with less battery changes.

  • Ein Kleinkind lauscht ganz aufmerksam seinem mp3-Player.

    Made from wood and suitable for kids

    hörbert is our portable mp3-player in a wooden enclosure. Children can handle him without the help of their parents other than equipping it with content. He's a customizable present, and makes a great reliable companion during the exciting times of childhood.

  • hörbert von schräg links.

    Sustainability instead of cheap plastics

    hörbert is and has been designed and produced in Germany. He is made from non-toxic materials and with a high degree of manual work. Without rushing, but with lifeblood and a sense for sustainability. You'll realize it simply by looking at the ingredients: Four different domestic lumbers, stainless steel and quality without compromises.

  • Detailaufnahme von hörberts 9 bunten Auswahltasten.

    Featuring playlists and SD-Card

    Don't want to be a DJ for your children? Parents can transfer music and audio books onto 9 colored selection buttons of hörbert. Two extra buttons allow for audible fast forward and jumping back to the beginning. It's easy as a child's play, and your HiFi equipment is saved.

  • Bildschirmfoto von hörberts einfach bedienbarer Software

    Including free software

    Forget scratched compact disks in your children's hands. hörbert uses a memory card to store its contents. Parents can transfer music and audio books onto it with the accompanying software easily. The easy to use software works on Windows and Mac (Intel) computers.

  • hörbert mal kopfüber

    Portable and battery powered

    hörbert's stable handle makes it a companion through thick and thin.

  • hörberts glänzender Lautstärkeknopf und der robuste Ein-/Ausschalter im Detail

    Childishly simple usage

    hörbert's robust On/Off switch and his volume knob are arranged in a way that makes it safer for children to play with them. By using unambiguous operating elements, form follows function, and even young children are able to handle this audio player.

  • hörberts Ein-/Ausschalter und der Lautstärkeknopf im Detail

    Cable-free safety

    Do avoid safety hazards in playing rooms? Power supplies and cables don't belong into children's hands. hörbert works without them, simply with off-the-shelf batteries. So you're even sure you'll be able to get batteries for him on vacation for example.

  • Detailaufnahme: hörberts rostfreies Lautsprechergitter aus Metall

    As an engraved present

    hörbert is a customizable present. When ordering your hörbert, you can have it engraved with your personal engraving if you like. For example the name of the person you want to give hörbert to.

  • Nahaufnahme von hörberts eingraviertem Logo

    Robust music player

    hörbert likes to keep his innards for himself. Grown-ups can open his back-plate, using a coin as a tool. The robustness of hörbert's switch, buttons and knobs makes it an ideal companion for kids - he's quite tough but offers a natural and warm touch.

  • Detailfoto von hörberts Rückwandschraube mit Groschenschlitz

    Limitable volume

    The music player with ear protection: There's a switch inside hörbert to choose between 'piano' and 'forte'. It limits hörbert's maximum volume. This switch is located inside hörbert and is not accessible from the outside.

  • hörberts Maße und Gewicht

    Great sound for young ears

    Great sound needs a good sounding body. His weight of 950 grams (2.094 lb) makes him sturdy enough for a children's room and light enough to carry it.

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