hörbert is the MP3 player for children.


listening experience made just for you


We deliver hörbert with free and fast shipping – also with individual engraving

hörbert – well thought-out

Safe for children

no mains voltage, no cables, tightly closed battery compartment, sweatproof and saliva-proof lacquering

Enjoy immediately

Unpack, switch on, listen. Includes batteries and more than 140 minutes of beautiful songs and stories

Playing your own music

The rewritable memory card offers up to 17 hours of space for your own listening content. hörbert grows with your child and always remains interesting

Top sound quality

High-quality loudspeaker, optimum sound enclosure. Because there really is a difference between hearing “four” and “floor”

Made in Germany

Quality and sustainability are more important nowadays than ever. hörbert is sustainably produced – for you and for our valuable environment

Robust and repairable

Insensitive to vibrations and repairable in case of emergency thanks to exchangeable components

Promotes independence

Can be operated intuitively without a display and even for toddlers – 9 colourful buttons control 9 playlists


hörbert with name engraving: a very special personal gift that quickly becomes a loyal companion.

No cloud services required

No license lock-in, simply play your own audio content from the computer onto the memory card, use of larger memory cards up to 32 GB possible

hörbert – friend for life

hörbert now has his own song: sing along – dance along – groove along!
Click Here for the audio sample.

Download and join in action

New in 2021: Accessible models of hörbert

For people with disabilities, we developed hörbert models from custom-made products. The simplest operation, with as little outside help as possible – for motivating independence and self-determination. In this way, hörbert is not only fun, but in addition he offers entirely new possibilities.

hörbert für eingeschränkte Personen. Barrierefreier Hörspieler und MP3-Player
hörbert für eingeschränkte Personen. Barrierefreier Hörspieler und MP3-Player

*These two models are available as of Jan, 11th 2021

hörbert weiterempfehlen und prämien sichern über das freunde werben programm

Refer a friend

Your loyalty will be rewarded – with hörbert’s refer-a-friend program*
Get your friends excited about hörbert and receive
a great bonus as a “Thank You”.
It’s very easy.
*This promotion applies exclusively to private hörbert purchases via this website. 

Benefits for institutions

Even in professional use, children, adults and seniors enjoy a reliable music player that always brings them joy, comfort or accompanies a therapy. We value and promote work in the social and educational sectors by offering special conditions for nursing, care and educational institutions.

Our special editions for real fans

Filled with audiobooks and engraved on both sides – a MUST-HAVE for real fans! Enjoy with your child these jewels of the Benjamin Blümchen® and Bibi & Tina® special editions.

Do it yourself: To solder, screw and sew

Build your own custom player with our electronics kit. Just build a case and solder a few cables – It’s that easy to build a listening treasure chest or turn a toolbox into a music box. Want some inspiration?  You can find them here.

For hörbert owners, there’s our felt bag sewing kit in 5 colors. Including needle and thread! With a little diligence, it becomes in a short time a custom shell for your hörbert.

hörbert Elektronikbausatz auf der Werkbank

Where does your hörbert come from?

Ein kleiner Blick hinter die Kulissen.


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Made in Germany