hörbert is a portable mp3-player for children - with a built-in speaker and made of wood!

  • Das ist hörbert

    mp3 player for children

    hörbert is a portable audio player for children. All controls are suitable for children - and parents love him for the long playing time and the high quality design.

  • Ein Kleinkind lauscht ganz aufmerksam seinem mp3-Player.

    Made from wood and suitable for kids

    Frame and handle are made of solid beech wood, the front panel is made from poplar- and the rear wall of birch plywood. The perfect finish with sweat and saliva resistant safe finish protects the surface and makes hörbert pleasant to touch.

  • hörbert von schräg links.

    Thought-out toy

    The sturdy handle makes hörbert a companion through thick and thin. The arrangement of the robust on/off switch and the volume control allow for safe play. hörbert has no power adapter and no cables that may cause stumbling in the children's room.

  • Detailaufnahme von hörberts 9 bunten Auswahltasten.

    9 playlists

    Use the colorful keys to jump through the titles of the playlists, which can be equipped by parents with a lot of music and audio books. With two extra buttons to fast forward inside the track or to jump back to its beginning. That's easy as a child's play - and may save your hi-fi system from harm.

  • Bildschirmfoto von hörberts einfach bedienbarer Software

    Easy to equip

    hörbert ships with 140 minutes music and audiobooks (in german). The Mac- and Windows software needed for transferring audio CDs and audio files to hörbert's memory card can be found on the included SD-card.

  • hörberts Rückseite

    Unshakably robust

    Music and audiobooks live on a memory card (SD card) inside hörbert, protected by a screw with a dime slot. The supplied card offers enough space for 8.5 hours of your contents. You can use SDHC-cards up to a size of 32GB.

  • hörbert von innen

    hörbert runs and runs and runs

    His power efficiency saves you frequent battery replacement or battery charging. hörbert protects your high-quality rechargeable batteries from being destroyed by deep discharge. Batteries are included on delivery, so you can start using hörbert immediately.

  • hörberts glänzender Lautstärkeknopf und der robuste Ein-/Ausschalter im Detail

    Made in Germany

    We manufacture hörbert in Germany. Piece by piece we build our high quality players from non-toxic materials and with a lot of manual work. We manufacture hörbert responsibly for your good conscience in giving.

  • hörberts Lautsprechergitter aus Edelstahl im Detail

    Give a sustainable gift

    Wood, stainless steel, a few - but recyclable plastics, durability, reparability, minimal packaging and CO2-neutral shipping are our answer to your search for a sustainable product.

  • Detailaufnahme: Gravuren

    Customizable gift

    You can have us decorate your hörbert with an individual engraving when you buy from our shop, i.e. with the childs name, you want to give this hörbert. We produce each engraving above the colored buttons individually.

  • hörberts Maße und Gewicht

    Sounds great

    The great sound of the built-in speaker also needs a suitable sound body, and hörbert provides one. With 1000g weight he can cope with the sometimes harsh everyday life in the nursery and can still be carried around.

  • Detailfoto von hörberts Schalter zur Lautstärkebegrenzung

    Volume limiter

    This switch is located inside hörbert and is only accessible to the parents. Use the presets 'piano' and 'forte' to limit the volume so that you can protect your children from hearing loss.

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