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hörbert is unique – both its intuitive operating concept with nine colorful keys for nine playlists and its design are unmistakable. Even small children from the age of 2 years quickly find their way around and proudly handle their own audio player all by themselves. hörbert’s memory card offers space for over 1000 minutes of audio content. You can record them with your own favourite songs and stories. This can easily be done with the help of the hörbert software that is included on the memory card. Carefully thought out down to the last detail – inside and out.

hörbert from the outside

1. Switches and volume controls
2. selection keys / playlists

Each key contains a playlist, which you can easily play via the hörbert software. Pressing a button again takes you to the next song – so you can click through the playlists quickly and easily.

3. Fast forward key

The fast forward key allows you to fast forward to listen in on a song. If you want to skip several songs, choose the single keys (2) to skip whole songs within the playlist.

4. Back button

Press this button for the first time to return to the beginning of the song. If you press the button twice quickly, you will go to the previous song of the playlist, and so on.. So you can easily and quickly jump back in the playlist.

hörbert from the inside

6. Volume

Inside there is a volume control that allows you to limit the volume of hörbert, e.g. in the evening, when your child listens to the bedtime stories and holds his hörbert close to his ear.

7. Battery holders

Insert the batteries here, so that your hörbert can be used for a long and uncomplicated time. For this you need four AA batteries or better still matching batteries.

8. Memory card holder

We already supply a prerecorded 4GB card with a lot of content, you can find the card in this memory card slot. The memory card can be individually reloaded.

Listen immediately

Insert the batteries supplied and off you go.

hörbert already comes with more than 140 minutes of songs and stories

Get information here about hörbert’s prerecorded content, which you can choose between when ordering

Upload your own content

With the hörbert software for Mac (Intel) and Windows, which is included on the memory card, you can easily upload your own content. To use the software, it must first be installed on your computer. Insert the SD card supplied (you can find it inside hörbert) into the card reader of your computer. Install the file hoerbert.exe (for Windows) or hoerbert.dmg (for Mac). After successful installation you will find a hörbert-bear icon in your program bar with which you can start the software.

The hörbert software helps you in three simple steps to define the contents of the 9 playlists and the sequence. When transferred, the software automatically converts the content into a format that can be played back by hörbert in a particularly energy-saving manner. In addition, the software offers the possibility to save your memory card, print a table of contents or format the card.

For your child’s safety

hörbert works without a power cord, is never under mains voltage and its batteries or rechargeable batteries are securely locked in the battery compartment. The varnish is sweat-resistant and saliva-proof and everything is plasticizer-free – harmless for little gourmets.

Independent and proud – Your child and hörbert

very easily and intuitively your child controls his favourite playlists with the nine colourful keys. Select a title, fast-forward, jump back – even the very small princesses and princes succeed in doing so with ease.

hörbert runs and runs…

Thanks to hörbert’s power-saving electronics, it runs at medium volume for 50 hours on a set of batteries or rechargeable batteries. There is no annoying waiting while recharging: Simply change batteries and continue listening on the move.

hörbert grows along with you – can be played on individually

Your child always has his or her favourite tracks with him or her. hörbert can take a lot: The included memory card can record 1000 minutes of music and stories. Whether stories about Indians, radio plays of animals, magicians or songs to sing along – always choose the right for your child.

No cloud and no licensing obligation

You should decide for yourself which songs and radio plays you want to play on hörbert. That is why we do not have a license agreement. Use the included memory card as you like, or expand the capacity with a larger card – just the way you like it.

With hörbert you hear the difference

The ability to listen promotes creativity and increases vocabulary. The high-quality loudspeaker in hörbert ensures the right sound quality. With hörbert, your child discovers every fineness of speech, every rustle, crackle or rustling – and the difference between “s” and “f”.

hörbert is made of wood

Because the future of our children needs nature. Frame and handle are made of solid beech wood, the front is made of poplar plywood and the rear wall of birch plywood. With hörbert your child has a loyal and long lasting companion. Insensitive, robust and suitable for romping. If something breaks, you can – thanks to the exchangeable parts – have every mishap repaired in the hörbert workshop or even repair it yourself with a little manual skill.

Every hörbert is responsibly hand made in Germany

We assemble hörbert in our workshop in Baden-Wuerttemberg. Piece by piece our high-quality children’s MP3 player is made of non-toxic materials and with a lot of manual work.

hörbert remains lastingly valuable

things of value remain with you for a long time: Wood, stainless steel, durability, reparability, minimal packaging, few (and recyclable) plastics and CO2-neutral shipping are our answer to your search for a sustainable product.

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