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hörbert is unique –

both its intuitive operating concept with nine colourful buttons for nine playlists and its design are unmistakable. Even small children from the age of two can quickly find their way around and proudly operate their own audio player on their own. hörbert’s memory card offers space for over 17 hours of audio content. You can put your your own favourite songs and stories onto the SD card. It’s easy with the hörbert software included on the memory card. With loving attention to detail – inside and out.

hörbert from the outside

hörbert Bedienelemente
1. Schalter und Lautstärkeregler
2. Auswahltasten / Playlisten

Jede Taste beinhaltet eine Playlist, die Du in drei einfachen Schritten mit der hörbert software aufspielen kannst. Das erneute Drücken auf eine Taste bringt Dich zum nächsten Lied – so kannst Du Dich schnell durch die Playlists klicken.

3. Vorlauftaste

Die Vorlauftaste ermöglicht Dir den schnellen Vorlauf zum Mithören innerhalb eines Liedes.

4. Rücksprungtaste

Ein erstes Drücken dieser Taste bringt Dich zum Liedanfang zurück. Benutzt Du den Knopf gleich darauf erneut, kommst Du zum vorherigen Lied der Playlist. So kannst Du einfach in der Playlist zurück springen.

hörbert from the inside

6. Volume

Inside there is an additional volume control that allows you to limit the volume of hörbert even further, e.g. in the evening, when your child listens to the bedtime stories and holds his hörbert close to his ear.

7. Battery holders

Insert the batteries here, so that your hörbert can be used for a long time. For this you need four AA batteries or even better four rechargeable batteries.

8. Memory card holder

We already supply a prerecorded 4GB SDHC card with a lot of content, you can find the card in this memory card slot. The memory card can be individually reloaded.

Innenleben von hörbert, dem Radio für Kinder
Illustration: hörbert auspacken

Start listening immediately

Insert the supplied batteries, tighten the screws and off you go.

Öffnen der Rückwandschraube
Öffnen des Schiebedeckels
Einlegen der Batterien oder Akkus
Schließen des Schiebedeckels
Festziehen der Rückwandschraube mit einer Münze
hörbert is Spielfertig
Illustration: hörbert mit Küken

hörbert already brings more than 140 minutes of melodious songs and stories with it.

Inform yourself here about hörbert’s prerecorded contents,which you can choose from when ordering hörbert.

Illustration: Aufspielen von Inhalten

Play your own contents on the card

With the hörbert software for macOS and Windows which is included on the memory card, you can easily play your own songs and audio plays on the card. The hörbert software helps you set the contents of the nine playlists and their order in three easy steps. The software automatically converts the content into a format that hörbert can play in a particularly energy-efficient way. In addition, the software offers the possibility of backing up your memory card, printing a table of contents or formatting the card.

Speicherkarte wird in einen hörbert gesteckt
Speicherkarte wird in ein Macbook geschoben
Dateiformate mp3 m4a wav aif

For the safety of your child

hörbert works wirelessly, is never under mains voltage and his batteries or rechargeable batteries are fixed and locked in the battery compartment. The paintwork is sweat-resistant and saliva-proof and everything is free of plasticizers – safe for little tongues.

Illustration: hörbert mit Luftballon
Illustration: Kind mit hörbert

Self-reliant and proud – your child and hörbert

Your child controls his or her favourite playlists easily and intuitively with the nine colourful buttons. Select titles, fast forward, jump back – even the very young princesses and princes can do it playfully.

hörbert runs and runs…

Thanks to hörbert’s energy-saving electronics, it runs with a set of batteries or rechargeable batteries at medium volume for 50 hours. There is no annoying waiting when charging: Simply change the batteries/accumulators and continue listening on the move.

hörbert mit Sanduhr
Illustration: Kind in seiner Fantasiewelt

hörbert grows with your child – individually recordable

The hörbert memory card can be used to record over 17 hours of music and stories. Today stories about Indians are interesting, after the next development step your child prefers to listen to audio plays about magicians or to songs about courage and adventures – with hörbert no problem, because it can be recorded again at any time and grows with the preferences of your child.

No cloud and no license obligation

You should decide for yourself which songs and radio plays you would like to play on hörbert. That’s why we don’t have a binding license program. Use the supplied memory card as you like, or expand the capacity with a larger card – according to the taste of your little darling.

Illustration: Kind fährt seinen Player im Fahrrad herum
Illustration: Kinder lauschen hörbert

With hörbert you hear the difference

Listening can stimulate creativity and increase vocabulary. The high-quality loudspeaker ensures the right sound quality. With hörbert, your child will discover every subtlety of language, every ripple, crackle or rustling – and the difference between “s” and “f”.

hörbert is made of wood

Children learn from nature. The frame and handle are made of solid beech wood, the front is made of poplar plywood and the rear wall of birch plywood. With hörbert your child has a faithful and long lasting companion. Insensitive, robust and suitable for romping. Thanks to the exchangeable parts, you can have any mishap repaired in the hörbert workshop or repair it yourself with a little manual skill.

Baumhaus Illustration
hörbert Made in Germany

Each hörbert is handcrafted in Germany

Handmade responsibly. Bit by bit, our high-quality children’s MP3 player is made of non-toxic materials and with a lot of manual work.

hörbert remains of lasting value

Things of value remain with you for a long time. We use wood, stainless steel and a few (but recyclable) plastics. This, combined with features such as durability, repairability, minimal packaging and CO2-neutral shipping, are our answers to your search for a sustainable MP3 player.

Illustration: hörbert mit Pflanze

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