hörbert is not only an eye-catcher – its inner values are also full of useful details. We see hörbert as a device that really belongs to its owners. And those who want to know everything in detail about the technology in hörbert will find many details about hörbert here – to satisfy their own curiosity, to exhaust all the functions, or as a basis for tinkerers and makers for their projects.

PlaLa commands

PlaLa in general PlaLa commands PlaLa SET mode commands Address Modifier Do you have questions about PlaLa? Please write directly below the post in the comment function. Our general customer service cannot provide

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For hobbyists, the dimensions of some components are important to make their own enclosure for their individual hörbert replica a successful project. Here we provide some information on thishörbert’s keycaps are made of

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hörbert gets a firmware update


The hörbert firmware can be updated.
Here you can find information about the improvements in the individual releases.

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hörbert programming interface


In the past, it was good manners to include a circuit diagram or sketches with every electrical device. We are happy to continue this tradition, because what we were able to learn from

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