hörbert for dealers

hörbert for dealers

Dear trade and cooperation partner,

We – the WINZKI GmbH & Co KG – are a small family business in Baden-Württemberg. After 14 months of development and assembly of the suppliers, we have been producing hörbert in our workshop since the end of 2011. The joy of the happy children and impressed parents drives us and gives us the security to offer the right product, even if it stands against the market-dominating cheap products.

We believe that consumers should have a choice about what they buy and how they let their growing children play. That is why hörbert has been developed uncompromisingly for quality and high-quality workmanship and is manufactured just as carefully piece by piece with a great deal of manual work. We are happy about every partner and contact who shares our motivation to offer “class” to the next generation instead of just “mass”.

We attach great importance to our customers being able to be served personally by their dealers. That is why we make sure that hörbert dealers have their own shop with regular opening hours. We do not only commit ourselves to classic dealers. Possible forms of sales are e.g. a practice with sales area with personal customer service, museum shop. We would be happy to discuss this in person.

We are pleased about dealer inquiries

Contact person for dealers Sandra Brang Phone: +49 (0)7022 506420-0 Email: b2b@winzki.de

* Prices including 19% VAT