hörbert gets a firmware update

What is a hoerbert firmware update (available for hoerbert 2021 only) and why do I need it?

hörbert firmware updates are updates of the software installed on your hörbert (model 2021). By the way, this only applies to the new model with release November 2021. If you still have a hörbert with a toggle switch for switching on/off, you can safely ignore this article. These updates offer various improvements, bug fixes and new functions for your jukebox.

It is worthwhile to apply these updates as they offer a number of benefits, such as:

Performance improvements: Firmware updates can help improve the performance and stability of your hörbert player. They can fix bugs or issues that may occur that could affect the functionality of your device.

New functions: A firmware update can also add new features to your hörbert player, for this we maintain the wish list of our customers and implement the requests where possible.

Security updates: By applying firmware updates, you stay up to date with the latest security patches and enhancements. This can help minimise potential security risks and protect your device from threats.

Long-term support: Updating firmware ensures that your hörbert keeps up with the latest technological developments. This can ensure compatibility with future devices and services and make sure you get the best possible listening experience.

New firmware updates will be shown to you in the hörbert software, and you can also conveniently find out about them in our newsletter. Sign up for the email newsletter here. It is advisable to regularly check for and install firmware updates for your hörbert player to benefit from the latest improvements and features. This will help to ensure that your device always works optimally.

For example, today’s latest update includes a bug fix so that recordings of web radio and Bluetooth streams no longer stutter, regardless of the memory card used. It also detects dead batteries in no time, so when you insert fresh batteries, you’ll get the dead battery warning tone after 10 seconds (and hörbert will shut down again for safety reasons).
On our website you will also find the history of all firmware updates.

This is how you install the new firmware on your hörbert.

Please use the new firmware as soon as possible.


P.S.: If you have bought your new hörbert modell 2021 before 7.2.2022: Please install the latest firmware update immediately, if you have never done one before! For real now.

* Prices including 19% VAT