The hörbert electronics kit is back!

Build your own kids music box with our DIY electronics kit

For all hobbyists, tinkerers and makers among you, we provide this kit that gives you the opportunity to build your own hörbert with an individual housing

The hörbert electronics kit contains all the electronic components you need to assemble your own music player. Of course, the set includes the original hörbert board with its Bluetooth, WiFi, microphone function and sleep timer.

We provide you with a short instruction on what you have to pay attention to when assembling.
Whether you’re an experienced electronics enthusiast or just starting out, this kit is suitable for all. It takes a little skill and some soldering knowledge to solder the speaker cable to the speaker.

With the hörbert electronics kit, you can not only develop your technical skills, but also give free rein to your creativity. You have the freedom to design and create an individual cabinet for your hörbert. Use materials, colours and shapes according to your own taste and create a unique masterpiece that exactly matches your ideas.

The hörbert electronic kit is available at a price of 149,90€ (in Germany with 19% VAT). This price includes not only the high-quality components, but also our support. Our team will be happy to help you with any questions or problems you may have to ensure that your own jukebox is a complete success.

Be part of the hörbert community and discover the fascinating world of DIY with the hörbert electronics kit!
Order your kit today and share with us the pleasure of building your own hörbert by sending us photos of your creation!

customer creation

As a little incentive, here is a wonderful DIY story ;)
“The Lautinuss” – customer creation with our electronics kit. Courtesy of Moh P. A. :

“Once upon a time there was the Lautinut

A few years ago, the walnut tree in grandmother’s garden had to be felled. Without knowing what would become of the wood, I put part of the trunk aside. Now my son has turned 8 and I could finally use the really beautiful but very short wood. Carried away by the thought of the product, the hours in the workshop flew by, but the joy about the gift is still enormous. Because of the wood used and my son’s enthusiasm for the story of Captain Nemo and his submarine, the name for his Hörbert was quickly found.”

You can find more customer creations for inspiration in our BLOG.

Have you already implemented a creative idea with our electronic kit for a children’s music box? Feel free to write to us via our contact form, guestbook or share your experiences with us in the comments.

We hope you enjoy creating your own music box.
Your hörbert team

* Prices including 19% VAT