New 24 x 7 Helpdesk is online!

Quick help with questions and problems

Dear hörbert fans, we are very happy that our new helpdesk is online and that we can improve our service for you even more. On the left side of the helpdesk page, you can click through a question and answer catalogue of the most frequently asked questions – neatly sorted by topic and product. On the right-hand side, you will then see a suitable answer that our service team has compiled from its many years of experience. Often, the most frequently asked questions or problems can be solved remotely.

Further information as a link

If there is further information on a particular question, such as a detailed blog article, download documents or videos, these are also listed and linked on the right-hand solutions page. If you don’t find the right question or answer for you, you can write to us via the blue “Contact form” button at the bottom left of the Helpdesk. Our service team can then help you even better and more specifically. Perhaps you would also like to click through our so-called “service tree” just out of interest? You will certainly find out new and interesting things about us and our products ;-). Here you can get to the helpdesk via our service page Have fun exploring and best regards, your hörbert team P.S. We are continuously working on expanding and improving the helpdesk. Your feedback and comments are very welcome.

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