hörbert Creator Rainer Brang Receives Award as “Innovator of the Month”

Innovator of the month

Dear hörbert Fans,

We are thrilled to share some exciting news about hörbert and its inventor once again.

On July 27, 2023, Rainer was honored with the “Innovator of the Month” award at bwcon’s annual summer festival held at the Greiner-Areal in Nürtingen!

The bwcon recognizes not only Rainer Brang’s brilliant invention, the sustainable and innovative music box “hörbert,” but also his tireless dedication and pioneering spirit.

About bwcon

In the fast-paced world of innovations and technologies, the networking of companies and experts plays a crucial role. One organization committed to this goal and considered a significant player in Baden-Württemberg’s innovation scene is bwcon – Baden-Württemberg Connected e.V. With its work, bwcon fosters collaboration between scientists, companies, and creatives, creating an ideal environment for creative ideas and groundbreaking projects. Baden-Württemberg Connected e.V. was founded in 1997 by representatives of the Baden-Württemberg economy, and it has grown into a network of around 700 members, connecting startups, companies of all sizes, service providers, investors, and municipalities into a powerful ecosystem. Through targeted events, networking activities, and funding programs, bwcon provides a platform for companies and experts to exchange ideas and drive innovative projects forward.


bwcon’s Award

A particularly special highlight of the organization is the monthly award “Innovator of the Month,” which was presented to Rainer Brang, inventor and innovator, in July 2023. His success story began with the development of “hörbert” – a unique MP3 player made of genuine wood, specially designed for children. What sets “hörbert” apart is not only its sustainable focus but also its ease of use, allowing even the youngest children to play their favorite music and audiobooks independently. The idea arose when Rainer Brang was searching for a child-friendly MP3 player for his son but couldn’t find a suitable and environmentally friendly solution. So, he decided to develop such a player himself and continuously improve it. The current hörbert model, available since November 2021, is a true multi-talent: it can serve as a player for pre-recorded or self-made audio content from memory cards, a Bluetooth speaker for streaming content from Spotify, Audible & Co., or an internet radio. Everything hörbert plays, it can also record. This way, the family budget is protected, as there are no follow-up costs for new audio content.

Interview with the Innovator of the Month

Representatives from the bwcon committee conducted an interview with Rainer Brang.

Here’s a brief excerpt from the interview:

7 | What does the keyword “sustainability” mean to you?

“A lifeline for all of us! Sustainability needs to be ingrained in our minds to conserve resources and leave something for our children. My parents had a TV that was 23 years old, and when it broke, they had it repaired. The current fast-paced lifestyle has completely destroyed such a way of life. I wanted to counteract that – consider it my valve and contribution! That’s why our product is made of wood; even though the trend dictates plastic, hörbert is screwed together, not glued.”

You can download the full interview as a PDF here:

Interview Innovator of the month – Rainer Brang

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