Software downloads and questions about transferring contents

hörbert software for transferring contents

macOS from 10.14

Software-Version 3.1.4

macOS Ventura compatible

Windows 10 and up

Software-Version 3.1.3

Linux AppImage

Software-Version 3.1.3, tested on Ubuntu Linux 16.0.4

Previous versions

macOS 10.14 and up

Software-Version 3.1.3

Windows 10 and up

Software-Version 3.1.2

Linux AppImage

Software-Version 3.1.2, tested on Ubuntu Linux 16.0.4

For older operating systems - only for hörbert 2011

Tip: In case of installation problems, please install Adobe AIR first:

macOS before 10.14

Software-Version 1.4.14

Windows before 10

Software-Version 1.4.14

Questions about transferring contents

Please try the following after starting the hörbert software and inserting the SD card. In the software menu at the top, go to Extras -> Select destination manually. The card should then be selectable there.

If this is not possible, our development department has taken precautions:
You can simply select a file folder on your hard drive – and not your memory card. After that, the hörbert software works on the file folder as if it *were* a memory card. And if your memory card is usable with the card reader under your operating system and mounted correctly, you can simply copy the contents of this folder to the memory card afterwards. This feature is intended for when the memory card’s mount directory still doesn’t work for some reason, and when alternatives like “Sox” also fail.

You want all this for your own hörbert too? No problem! Please contact our service team in order to get an offer for an Upgrade.

Contact Serviceteam

Visual differences:
The new hörbert comes with a slightly different appearance and a brand new electronic interior.

The toggle switch for switching on/off no longer exists. Instead, the volume control can be pressed for electronic on/off.

The new hoerbert’s front panel has a small opening at the right bottom, behind which the microphone is hidden.

hörbert now has even less plastic. The coloured buttons on the front now also consist of wood!

New features:

  • recording function:
    All sources hörbert knows, it can also record on the memory card: Microphone (if built in), Bluetooth streaming and Internet radio.
  • Microfone:
    Record speech and music in CD quality with the microphone and play it back directly from the memory card.
  • WiFi for Internet radio:
    Connect hörbert to your W-Lan to play Internet radio stations with hörbert’s buttons. With the recording function, radio broadcasts can then be recorded and played back later from the memory card.
  • Pause function:
    hörbert continues playing exactly where you switched it off. There is no need to fast-forward to the right place.
  • Even less plastics
    The colourful keys are now wooden turned parts. hörbert thus contains less than 5% plastic. Only the circuit board and the components on it. That can’t be improved any more.
  • Even more space for replaying
    The storage space on the SD card now goes further, because hörbert can play native mp3 and m4a files. That’s why more hours fit on the same card. Each of your memory cards will then hold up to 5 times the amount of content compared to the previous format.
  • Bluetooth Audio for headphones and Streaming
    You can use hörbert with Bluetooth headphones or as a Bluetooth speaker. Simultaneous listening with up to two wireless headphones is possible. With a mobile phone or tablet, you can listen to content from streaming services on hörbert, e.g. from Spotify or audible.
    This is already possible with your “hörbert 2011” if you have a built-in Bluetooth module.
    What is new is that you can also record everything that hörbert plays as a Bluetooth speaker so that you can play it back again and again from the memory card.
    What’s new is that you no longer have to pay anything extra for the Bluetooth functions. Bluetooth audio is now included in the price. Of course, the Bluetooth function can also be switched off completely, so that nothing transmits if you don’t want it to.

Proven and still available:

  • Sleep Timer included
    Set how long hörbert can play before it switches itself off.
  • Selectable additional volume limit included

Due to the very high power consumption of these cards, the Bluetooth module may generate noise in the standard playback mode.
This does not happen with our supplied cards. We therefore recommend the use of the original hörbert memory card, so your hörbert will run longer.
A Transcend card tested by us (16 GB Class 10) had a much higher power consumption than our original cards.
This is of course bad for the runtime.

If you don’t want to do without your memory card, please contact our support team (, because we can also upgrade your hörbert board for a small service fee if you wish, so that even such power-hungry memory cards can be operated almost without noise.

Note: Unfortunately, we cannot make any valid functional statements for third-party cards, as the manufacturing methods and what is installed inside are constantly changing. We purchase our own memory cards directly from the manufacturer according to our specifications.

  1. Please check the following first: Does hörbert play normally in standard hörbert mode via its built-in speaker when you switch it on? If so, the module has at least been installed correctly.
  2. If you want to use hörbert as a Bluetooth speaker, you have to switch it on and off immediately.

IMPORTANT: please leave hörbert switched off and DO NOT switch it on again. Now the inside LED display of the Bluetooth module flashes twice per second and a beep sounds to indicate that hörbert is now in Bluetooth speaker mode.

You now have one minute to find hörbert in the list of Bluetooth devices on your phone and pair it with your phone.

You can start a playlist on your phone to play it via hörbert.

  1. The phone shows a connection to hörbert, but the playlist is not played via hörbert, but via the phone.
    — Proactively remove hörbert from the list of Bluetooth playback devices in your phone (e.g. by using the command “Ignore this device”) and let the phone search for your hörbert again and pair with it.
    — Is there a setting directly in the app on your phone that ensures that the phone is used as the playback device and does not listen? If you are not sure, check the information on your phone. Our service team will also be happy to help you. Contact.
  1. Does another Bluetooth device “grab” the connection to your mobile phone? For example, switched on Bluetooth headphones, a Smartwatch, a tablet or the neighbor’s device? Please disconnect these devices and/or go to another location first.

The first pairing of headphones with hörbert 2011 with a separate built-in bluetooth-module can take a minute, especially when there are many other Bluetooth devices nearby.

The headphone mode only searches for hörbert headphones in the first 60 seconds after switching hörbert on. In the headphone mode, the hörberts loudspeaker switches off as soon as the sound is heard in the headphones. If this does not work the first time, it will work the second (or third) time.


Please proceed as follows to find the solution:

  1. Do the headphones work with other Bluetooth devices?

If no: please charge the headphones fully first. If they still do not work, contact the dealer where you bought the headphones. There may be a defect in the headphones and the headphones must be replaced.

If so: go to steps 2 to 6:

  1. Are switches 5 and 6 (Bluetooth and pairing) activated ?

Please do not activate any switches on the “Mouse Piano” of the Bluetooth module unless hörbert is switched off. If switch no. 6 (Pairing) is deactivated, e.g. when hörbert is switched on, under certain conditions all pairings stored by hörbert will be deleted. (See point of our operating instructions for the Bluetooth module).


  1. Do other Bluetooth-compatible ambient devices possibly try to access the headphones? Please switch off the Bluetooth mode and/or go to another location for all Bluetooth environment devices (e.g. mobile phone, tablet, computer).


  1. If your headphones have their own volume control, please remember that you may need to turn up the volume here if you cannot hear anything through the headphones. Also, with the hörbert, please make sure that its volume knob is not set to very low.


  1. if the pairing does not work after one minute, please switch off all devices again and try the process a second or even third time:


  1. Switch on the headphones. Bluetooth mode the headphones must be activated. Please check for each headphone model whether the corresponding LED indicator is lit correctly or headphones say: Bluetooth/Pairing on.


  1. Turn on the headphones. The LED of the Bluetooth module must flash twice per second. Now hörbert will search for the headphones for 60 seconds. Please also give him this time before you switch him and the headphones off again and start the process again if it did not work right away.


  1. If all tips do not work, our service team will be happy to help you. Contact

It is possible to change the name of paired devices in your Bluetooth transmitter.

You can find the necessary tips for this under the links below, depending on which device you use: (changing the name of a Bluetooth device): (rename paired Bluetooth devices on Android): (how to rename Bluetooth devices on windows):

The strength of the electromagnetic radiation depends on the transmitting power of the devices.

The power class of the Hörbert Bluetooth module is class 2, i.e. our Bluetooth connections are all class 2 with a maximum transmission power of 2.5 mW (+4 dBm). The hörbert Bluetooth module thus complies with the recommended SAR maximum values in any case due to the very low transmission power.

That depends on the environment, whether there are obstacles, such as walls… in the way. However, the range can usually be about 15 m.

In hörbert mode you simply listen to the content with your hörbert — as usual. Just switch on your hörbert and it starts playing.

Even in this standard mode your hörbert 2011 will consume a little more power than a  hoerbert 2011 without bluetooth-module, and it will therefore not reach its 50-hour runtime.

This is because the sound has to be looped through the Bluetooth module, which also needs a little power.

This slight buzzing, which is usually only heard in silent moments and only in piano mode, is due to the fact that the sound has to be “looped through” the Bluetooth module.

Noise can be minimized if all cables leading to the Bluetooth module are first twisted together as shown in the installation video and instructions.

Note: The buzzing sound may be amplified when using memory cards other than our original ones, as some cards draw more current than others.

We’ll agree on a price with you, because it always depends on what is broken.
If something is wrong with your hoerbert, please send us a note along with photos (<1.9 MB in size) to service (at) hoerbert (dot) com

As long as the decorated part is not broken, we’ll replace only other parts and you’ll get your own hörbert back, of course.

You might want to replace the handle, the loudspeaker, the on/off switch and the volume knob yourself. That’s okay, if you have the know-how and the tools to perform such a repair. If you don’t, contact us, so you can send your hörbert in for a repair.

When batteries leak, you will find traces of battery chemistry on the electronics (circuit board). You must cleanly remove these traces in order to get your hörbert back in shape.

Cleaning after leaking batteries:

Important safety instructions

Take care of your safety and that of your surroundings in the following activities! Only work with safety glasses! Only work with protective gloves! Don't touch anything else with your gloves on! Work with an open window and sufficient fresh air supply! Do not work near flames or ignition sources! Keep chemicals and tools away from children! This manual does not apply to other devices! Leave the repair to us, if you don't think you can take a step!  Risk of injury: splashes of alcohol or battery chemistry in the eyes may cause serious eye injury. In the event of an accident, consult a doctor immediately. Fires may occur when working with high-proof alcohol. Have extinguishing agent ready. Alcohol can dry out your skin, so wear gloves! And again: Keep children away from chemicals and tools!

And so it goes:

  1. Pull the memory card out of the memory card holder. Check the contacts on the memory card. It may need to be replaced when it has received battery chemistry. You can try cleaning them with alcohol.
  2. Remove the electronics by loosening the 4 nuts on the board. Lift up the board and disconnect all 3 cables.
  3. Find all traces of battery chemistry on the top AND bottom of the board. You’ll need to clean it very carefully to stop the corrosion.
  4. Use plenty of isopropyl alcohol 70% (e.g. from the pharmacy): Drip the alcohol abundantly on all places where you find traces of battery chemistry. Soak everything. If the alcohol evaporates, drip more of it onto the board, even into the memory card holder.
  5. Use your toothbrush to scrupulously remove all traces of battery chemistry. Cotton swabs can also help. Important: NEVER scratch! Because if you scratch a trace or destroy a small component, it is very likely that the board is finally broken.
  6. When everything is clean, let the alcohol evaporate for an hour. Never use the electronics in wet condition.
  7. Now you can plug all cables back in where they were, insert the board again and screw it tight.
  8. Now insert the batteries and the memory card again and switch on audibly. Don’t forget to breathe.

There are two reasons for this: Either the contents of the memory card have got mixed up, or the remains of leaking batteries affect the electronics. (In this case: Problems with leaking batteries?)

  • To compare problems with the memory card, you can use another suitable memory card, for example, or you can first back up all the contents of your hörbert card with the on-board resources of your computer: Simply copy all the contents of the memory card into a folder on your computer. You can use this backup later. Tip: The hörbert software can create a table of contents on page “2”, which you can save on your computer with the files on the memory card.
  • The easiest way to”repair” a messed up memory card is to format it and reload it.
    • Start the hörbert software on the computer, and check if you have the latest version (at the left of the bottom of page “1”: “Search for newer hörbert software”). If necessary, install the latest software while you’re at it.
    • If you now insert your memory card into the computer and select it in the hörbert software, you can format the card with the “memory card tools”. Attention: By formatting all data on the memory card will be deleted irretrievably! Be especially careful not to select another drive of your computer or that may be plugged into your computer.
    • After formatting, you can reload the card with the hörbert software as usual. As a test, it is enough to play 2-3 songs on each playlist to test the card. If you want to try again with your previous content, simply copy your backup copy from your computer back to the card.

Attention: This tip does not apply to hörberts with a Bluetooth module. Please do not jiggle the switch if your hörbert has a built-in Bluetooth module.

hörbert has a very stable on/off switch. The manufacturer of the switch inserts a little grease into the switch. If this accumulates in the wrong place, this effect may occur. But that’s no problem: Just turn the switch on and off at least 50 times really fast and really energetically, then the grease splashes and the problem is solved.

Background knowledge: In a lamp the fat would simply go up in smoke with a spark, but there is no such amount of energy in hörbert. Therefore you may have to help mechanically. You can switch back and forth really powerfully and quickly, the switch tolerates it: We have deliberately chosen an oversized switch that resists playing children.

Yes, since 12/2020 the hörbert software is also available for Linux (tested on Ubuntu >16.0.4) for download here:



The publishers of our supplied content offer even more beautiful music and stories – in some cases even free of charge.

You can find the sources here: hörbert’s preregistered contents

In addition there are many contents which you can buy as MP3 download or M4a download and which really belong to you. In Amazon and iTunes you can find them under the category “”Music downloads””. There is not only music, but also stories to download.

You can find even more contents for your hörbert here on our website

hörbert 2011:
The included 4GB memory card offers capacity for 17 hours or about 1000 minutes of music and audio books.

The new hörbert 2021:
The included 4GB memory card offers capacity for 50 hours or about 1000 minutes of music and audio books.


With hörbert 2021 you can use memory cards between 4 and 512 GB.


hörbert 2011:
hörbert works with SDHC-Cards between 4GB and 32GB. To be sure that there is a FAT32 File system on it, you can format your card with our hörbert-Software.

A valuable hint: Less is more! Don’t use ultra-fast Class 10 cards, because they may disturb playback. We offer working memory cards class 4 in our shop.

Please note: Normally, there should be no problems with Class4 or class6 SDHC cards between 4 and 32 GB. However, we are unfortunately unable to make any valid functional statements for third-party cards, as we do not know what is inside those cards that do not originate from us. We obtain our SDHC cards directly from the manufacturer according to our specifications.

No, don’t worry. He just is out of power. Simply replace the batteries by new or charged ones (in case they are rechargeable batteries), then hörbert will play again normally.

Each of the nine coloured buttons represents a list of songs or audio book chapters. By pressing the same button several times, you jump through that list track by track.

You find all details about hoerbert’s functions in our user manuals:

The metallic grey button is used for audible fast forward, the black button jumps back to the beginning of the current title. Pressing the black metallic button twice you will jump back one more title.

hörbert is made of natural materials, that’s why we can’t predict colors and texture of the wood, for example. Each hörbert is unique! Small discolorations or knot-holes leave their traces and are normal.

No. hörbert is portable and runs on four AA batteries, that are commonly available anywhere. We did not add a power supply, so hörbert can also be used by very young children.

No. hörbert plays data from a memory card in SD-card format. You need an SD card reader/writer attached to your computer in order to transfer contents to the memory card. Probably you can even use your digital camera as a card reader if it accepts SD-cards and can at the same time be attached to your computer via USB cable.

The software is included on the memory card of any new hörbert and is available for download on our website.
As we cannot guarantee that the most recent software version is on the memory card, we recommend to download it from our website:


System requirements:

PC or Mac (Intel), operating system: Windows 10 or higher, or Mac OS X from version 10.14, Linux (tested on Ubuntu
Screen resolution at least 1024×768 pixels
At least 4 GB free hard disk space
At least 2 GB main memory (RAM)

hörbert’s software accepts audio files of the following formats: .m4a .mp3 .wav .cdda/.cda .ogg .flac. .aiff/.aif

Please note that the hoerbert software can’t transfer copy protected files or audio tracks! However, it even helps you to transfer music and audio books directly from compact disks to hörbert’s memory card, so you don’t have to be a computer nerd to put manager hörbert’s content.

The wood, operating elements and electronics have been specifically selected and produced in a way to protect hoerbert and your children, when it gets a bit wild in the playroom. hörbert will go through interesting times and may even get some marks and scratches that can easily be corrected with a bit of sand paper. If hörbert should have an unfortunate fall and something gets broken, spare parts are available – because throwing hörbert away is out of the question. Of course, you can also send hörbert in for repair at any time, we will be happy to advise you.

Please always CONTACT US before sending your hoerbert in for repair.

hörbert is available in our online shop at, as well as in selected customer shops, that you can also find on our homepage. No matter where you buy your hörbert, you can have it individually engraved. Just ask at your customer shop, we’ll engrave your hörbert for you while we produce it.

hörbert was designed to be operated by even small children (from the age of two years) themselves without the help of anybody. Only transferring content to hörbert and replacing batteries are tasks that are left to grown-ups. As hörbert already comes with lots of songs and audio books, you won’t have to sacrifice your first day with hörbert at your computer instead of giving it to your children.

We don’t recommend a minimum age for using hörbert. You may want to play lullabies to a baby, your two-year-old kid may be able to handle hörbert completely on his or her own. Maybe grandma or grandpa like to use hörbert as a pretty and simple music box, that’s also a task hörbert can handle.

Children use the colored buttons to select what to listen to next. Behind each of the nine colored buttons there can be several songs or chapters of a story. Skipping them works by pressing the same button several times. There’s one more grey button for an audible fast forward scan and one black one to jump right back to the beginning of the currently playing title. You can even jump further to the previous titles by pressing that ‘back’ button quickly in repeat. Finally, there is a rotary volume knob and a robust on/off switch.

Read all about hoerbert’s functions in our user manuals.

A CD with copy protection can normally be identified by the corresponding IFPI copy protection logo. It’s a black circle with a white triangle. You can find it here:

A tip: It is recommended to read a CD first with a program like iTunes and import it to your computer. Then the transfer to hörbert’s memory card is even faster. ITunes also has a good converter that brings the tracks into the optimal format (m4a or better still mp3). This is similarly convenient under Windows with the Media Player, but you have to set the mp3 format there, because the hörbert software does not read files with the extension.wma. After importing into iTunes, you can drag and drop songs directly from the iTunes library to the corresponding playlist window in the hörbert software using the hörbert software.

A software is necessary to conveniently arrange the tracks in the playlists and in the correct order, because if you would simply copy MP3 files to a memory card, the player would still not know in which order it should play them from which button. Another advantage is that you can also use files in OGG, WAV or FLAC format and directly from audio CDs as source material, or other common formats, which is not possible with most MP3 players. Instead of referring to hörbert as an MP3, Ogg, WAV and FLAC Player, only the term “MP3 Player” can be used as category or generic name. Otherwise you would not find our hörbert in any shop, because there is not even a category for “Audio-Player”, but at most “MP3-Player”. The term “universal audio player for children” would of course be quite correct. But we have to meet the potential customers looking for a player and limit ourselves here to the term “MP3 player” as a generic term, although hörbert can do much more.

In the case of hörbert, the conversion of audio files later saves a lot of power during playback, so that you rarely have to change batteries, because decoding (always the same) MP3 files or other formats requires much more computing power and therefore power. You can leave that to the computer and listen to the decoded result. Another advantage is that you can also use files in OGG, WAV or FLAC format and directly from audio CDs as source material, or other common formats, which is not possible with a “normal” MP3 player. And here it comes: Since the hörbert software is necessary anyway to arrange the files in the right order in the right playlists, it can also perform all conversions for you at the same time, without you having to do anything for it. Instead of referring to MP3, Ogg, WAV and FLAC Player, only the term “MP3 Player” can be used as a category or generic name. Otherwise you would not find our hörbert in any shop, because there is not even a category for “Audio-Player”, but at most “MP3-Player”. The term “universal audio player for children” would of course be quite correct. But we have to meet the potential customers looking for a player and limit ourselves here to the term “MP3 player” as a generic term, although hörbert can do much more.

This is a technical problem that occurs only once per file during upload and no longer afterwards: the file is displayed with length 0 before transfer, because the hörbert software cannot determine the length of m4a files before conversion. In step 3, the file is still transferred. The next time the memory card is inserted, the correct duration is displayed in the playlist. Tip: If it is a very old.m4a file with copy protection (from the years 2003-2014), it cannot be transferred to hörbert. For this you have to download this file again without copy protection, Apple offers the “exchange” of these files:

If hörbert remains mute after switching on, simply check the following in this order

  1. Is the device switched on? (Toggle switch to the rear and back to the front)
  2. Is the volume turned up? (Turn the knob all the way to the right for testing)
  3. Now, if you put your ear to the speaker at full volume: Do you hear a very quiet rhythmic chirping? (Then please keep trying One hears only soft rhythmic noises)
  4. Are the batteries dead? Please insert a completely new set of 4 identical batteries from the same fresh pack. If necessary, please try a new pack again, because it often happened that an empty cell crept in when changing or the batteries from the supermarket were already empty when buying.
  5. Are the batteries in contact? Please check that all battery clamps touch the metallic ends of the front and rear batteries and, if necessary, slightly bend the front and rear contact springs inwards when the battery is removed.

If this is not successful, please try again hörbert cannot be switched on or turns on or off spontaneously?

  • Please insert a completely fresh set of new batteries or full batteries first, because even a poor power supply can be noticed by a croaking sound.
  • Then we should exclude that it is only a loose screw, or that only the rear wall vibrates, because it should be tightened, for example. Therefore, please remove the sliding cover first. Then listen to the device at full volume with the rear panel open, whether it is still vibrating.

Is the problem still there?

  • If yes, please try by laying it on the speaker grille by hand, whether it lies only on the speaker grille or the wooden frame on the speaker grille (and one of the 4 screws may be too loose there).

If you have a loose screw, you can tighten it yourself with feeling. This problem can be caused by differences in humidity and temperature when the wood”works” (expands or contracts slightly). Is the problem still there?


Could it be that you are using an extra fast Class10 card or faster? Some of these cards can have this effect. These cards perform internal clean-up or sorting functions at irregular intervals, but these disturb the data stream. That’s why the whole thing can’t be determined by a song or a playback time, the small microprocessor in the card sometimes does”its own thing”. Please test it, if possible, with a smaller/older/slower card (e.g. Class 4 or 6), then the problem should not occur. Tip: If possible use Class4 SDHC cards between 4 and 32GB. Our included cards are “Class 4” cards, recognisable by a 4 in circular “C”.

Yes. Small defects or scratches can even be removed with a fine sandpaper. The best way to repair major damage is to replace the affected parts so that stable and safe operation can be restored afterwards. For larger repairs you can send us your hörbert by prior arrangement. A complete housing replacement (i.e. replacement of the frame and the front using all your intact hörbert parts) can only be carried out in our workshop, as we can also carry out any necessary minor repairs – at the previously agreed flat-rate price, of course.

* Prices including 19% VAT