Software downloads and questions about transferring contents

hörbert software for transferring contents

macOS from 10.14

Software-Version 3.1.4

macOS Ventura compatible

Windows 10 and up

Software-Version 3.1.3

Linux AppImage

Software-Version 3.1.3, tested on Ubuntu Linux 16.0.4

Previous versions

macOS 10.14 and up

Software-Version 3.1.3

Windows 10 and up

Software-Version 3.1.2

Linux AppImage

Software-Version 3.1.2, tested on Ubuntu Linux 16.0.4

For older operating systems - only for hörbert 2011

Tip: In case of installation problems, please install Adobe AIR first:

macOS before 10.14

Software-Version 1.4.14

Windows before 10

Software-Version 1.4.14

Questions about transferring contents

Please try the following after starting the hörbert software and inserting the SD card. In the software menu at the top, go to Extras -> Select destination manually. The card should then be selectable there.

If this is not possible, our development department has taken precautions:
You can simply select a file folder on your hard drive – and not your memory card. After that, the hörbert software works on the file folder as if it *were* a memory card. And if your memory card is usable with the card reader under your operating system and mounted correctly, you can simply copy the contents of this folder to the memory card afterwards. This feature is intended for when the memory card’s mount directory still doesn’t work for some reason, and when alternatives like “Sox” also fail.

Yes, since 12/2020 the hörbert software is also available for Linux (tested on Ubuntu >16.0.4) for download here:



The publishers of our supplied content offer even more beautiful music and stories – in some cases even free of charge.

You can find the sources here: hörbert’s preregistered contents

In addition there are many contents which you can buy as MP3 download or M4a download and which really belong to you. In Amazon and iTunes you can find them under the category “”Music downloads””. There is not only music, but also stories to download.

You can find even more contents for your hörbert here on our website

The software is included on the memory card of any new hörbert and is available for download on our website.
As we cannot guarantee that the most recent software version is on the memory card, we recommend to download it from our website:


System requirements:

PC or Mac (Intel), operating system: Windows 10 or higher, or Mac OS X from version 10.14, Linux (tested on Ubuntu
Screen resolution at least 1024×768 pixels
At least 4 GB free hard disk space
At least 2 GB main memory (RAM)

hörbert’s software accepts audio files of the following formats: .m4a .mp3 .wav .cdda/.cda .ogg .flac. .aiff/.aif

Please note that the hoerbert software can’t transfer copy protected files or audio tracks! However, it even helps you to transfer music and audio books directly from compact disks to hörbert’s memory card, so you don’t have to be a computer nerd to put manager hörbert’s content.

A CD with copy protection can normally be identified by the corresponding IFPI copy protection logo. It’s a black circle with a white triangle. You can find it here:

A tip: It is recommended to read a CD first with a program like iTunes and import it to your computer. Then the transfer to hörbert’s memory card is even faster. ITunes also has a good converter that brings the tracks into the optimal format (m4a or better still mp3). This is similarly convenient under Windows with the Media Player, but you have to set the mp3 format there, because the hörbert software does not read files with the extension.wma. After importing into iTunes, you can drag and drop songs directly from the iTunes library to the corresponding playlist window in the hörbert software using the hörbert software.

A software is necessary to conveniently arrange the tracks in the playlists and in the correct order, because if you would simply copy MP3 files to a memory card, the player would still not know in which order it should play them from which button. Another advantage is that you can also use files in OGG, WAV or FLAC format and directly from audio CDs as source material, or other common formats, which is not possible with most MP3 players. Instead of referring to hörbert as an MP3, Ogg, WAV and FLAC Player, only the term “MP3 Player” can be used as category or generic name. Otherwise you would not find our hörbert in any shop, because there is not even a category for “Audio-Player”, but at most “MP3-Player”. The term “universal audio player for children” would of course be quite correct. But we have to meet the potential customers looking for a player and limit ourselves here to the term “MP3 player” as a generic term, although hörbert can do much more.

This is a technical problem that occurs only once per file during upload and no longer afterwards: the file is displayed with length 0 before transfer, because the hörbert software cannot determine the length of m4a files before conversion. In step 3, the file is still transferred. The next time the memory card is inserted, the correct duration is displayed in the playlist. Tip: If it is a very old.m4a file with copy protection (from the years 2003-2014), it cannot be transferred to hörbert. For this you have to download this file again without copy protection, Apple offers the “exchange” of these files:

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