Software downloads and questions about transferring contents

hörbert software for transferring contents

macOS from 10.14

Software-Version 3.1.4

macOS Ventura compatible

Windows 10 and up

Software-Version 3.1.3

Linux AppImage

Software-Version 3.1.3, tested on Ubuntu Linux 16.0.4

Previous versions

macOS 10.14 and up

Software-Version 3.1.3

Windows 10 and up

Software-Version 3.1.2

Linux AppImage

Software-Version 3.1.2, tested on Ubuntu Linux 16.0.4

For older operating systems - only for hörbert 2011

Tip: In case of installation problems, please install Adobe AIR first:

macOS before 10.14

Software-Version 1.4.14

Windows before 10

Software-Version 1.4.14

Questions about transferring contents

Due to the very high power consumption of these cards, the Bluetooth module may generate noise in the standard playback mode.
This does not happen with our supplied cards. We therefore recommend the use of the original hörbert memory card, so your hörbert will run longer.
A Transcend card tested by us (16 GB Class 10) had a much higher power consumption than our original cards.
This is of course bad for the runtime.

If you don’t want to do without your memory card, please contact our support team (, because we can also upgrade your hörbert board for a small service fee if you wish, so that even such power-hungry memory cards can be operated almost without noise.

Note: Unfortunately, we cannot make any valid functional statements for third-party cards, as the manufacturing methods and what is installed inside are constantly changing. We purchase our own memory cards directly from the manufacturer according to our specifications.

  1. Please check the following first: Does hörbert play normally in standard hörbert mode via its built-in speaker when you switch it on? If so, the module has at least been installed correctly.
  2. If you want to use hörbert as a Bluetooth speaker, you have to switch it on and off immediately.

IMPORTANT: please leave hörbert switched off and DO NOT switch it on again. Now the inside LED display of the Bluetooth module flashes twice per second and a beep sounds to indicate that hörbert is now in Bluetooth speaker mode.

You now have one minute to find hörbert in the list of Bluetooth devices on your phone and pair it with your phone.

You can start a playlist on your phone to play it via hörbert.

  1. The phone shows a connection to hörbert, but the playlist is not played via hörbert, but via the phone.
    — Proactively remove hörbert from the list of Bluetooth playback devices in your phone (e.g. by using the command “Ignore this device”) and let the phone search for your hörbert again and pair with it.
    — Is there a setting directly in the app on your phone that ensures that the phone is used as the playback device and does not listen? If you are not sure, check the information on your phone. Our service team will also be happy to help you. Contact.
  1. Does another Bluetooth device “grab” the connection to your mobile phone? For example, switched on Bluetooth headphones, a Smartwatch, a tablet or the neighbor’s device? Please disconnect these devices and/or go to another location first.

The first pairing of headphones with hörbert 2011 with a separate built-in bluetooth-module can take a minute, especially when there are many other Bluetooth devices nearby.

The headphone mode only searches for hörbert headphones in the first 60 seconds after switching hörbert on. In the headphone mode, the hörberts loudspeaker switches off as soon as the sound is heard in the headphones. If this does not work the first time, it will work the second (or third) time.


Please proceed as follows to find the solution:

  1. Do the headphones work with other Bluetooth devices?

If no: please charge the headphones fully first. If they still do not work, contact the dealer where you bought the headphones. There may be a defect in the headphones and the headphones must be replaced.

If so: go to steps 2 to 6:

  1. Are switches 5 and 6 (Bluetooth and pairing) activated ?

Please do not activate any switches on the “Mouse Piano” of the Bluetooth module unless hörbert is switched off. If switch no. 6 (Pairing) is deactivated, e.g. when hörbert is switched on, under certain conditions all pairings stored by hörbert will be deleted. (See point of our operating instructions for the Bluetooth module).


  1. Do other Bluetooth-compatible ambient devices possibly try to access the headphones? Please switch off the Bluetooth mode and/or go to another location for all Bluetooth environment devices (e.g. mobile phone, tablet, computer).


  1. If your headphones have their own volume control, please remember that you may need to turn up the volume here if you cannot hear anything through the headphones. Also, with the hörbert, please make sure that its volume knob is not set to very low.


  1. if the pairing does not work after one minute, please switch off all devices again and try the process a second or even third time:


  1. Switch on the headphones. Bluetooth mode the headphones must be activated. Please check for each headphone model whether the corresponding LED indicator is lit correctly or headphones say: Bluetooth/Pairing on.


  1. Turn on the headphones. The LED of the Bluetooth module must flash twice per second. Now hörbert will search for the headphones for 60 seconds. Please also give him this time before you switch him and the headphones off again and start the process again if it did not work right away.


  1. If all tips do not work, our service team will be happy to help you. Contact

It is possible to change the name of paired devices in your Bluetooth transmitter.

You can find the necessary tips for this under the links below, depending on which device you use: (changing the name of a Bluetooth device): (rename paired Bluetooth devices on Android): (how to rename Bluetooth devices on windows):

The strength of the electromagnetic radiation depends on the transmitting power of the devices.

The power class of the Hörbert Bluetooth module is class 2, i.e. our Bluetooth connections are all class 2 with a maximum transmission power of 2.5 mW (+4 dBm). The hörbert Bluetooth module thus complies with the recommended SAR maximum values in any case due to the very low transmission power.

That depends on the environment, whether there are obstacles, such as walls… in the way. However, the range can usually be about 15 m.

In hörbert mode you simply listen to the content with your hörbert — as usual. Just switch on your hörbert and it starts playing.

Even in this standard mode your hörbert 2011 will consume a little more power than a  hoerbert 2011 without bluetooth-module, and it will therefore not reach its 50-hour runtime.

This is because the sound has to be looped through the Bluetooth module, which also needs a little power.

This slight buzzing, which is usually only heard in silent moments and only in piano mode, is due to the fact that the sound has to be “looped through” the Bluetooth module.

Noise can be minimized if all cables leading to the Bluetooth module are first twisted together as shown in the installation video and instructions.

Note: The buzzing sound may be amplified when using memory cards other than our original ones, as some cards draw more current than others.

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