hörbert gets a firmware update

The hörbert firmware can be updated.
You can find out how to update the firmware here:

Version history

  • Eliminates stuttering when recording web radio and Bluetooth streams
  • Improved battery detection: Empty batteries are detected within 10 seconds after insertion
  • md5 Hash: 231f97ea910805a757b3a2878aa0ab57
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent powering on.
  • md5 Hash: 66bc8a542ed95b8ef317e30e2f089c8f

This is a maintenance update with technical improvements:

  • Stable switching between multiple W-LANS
  • No crackling of WAV files during headphone playback
  • Recording can also be started with 1- and 3-button audible (PlaLa configuration in index.m3u on memory card necessary)
  • More special functions for which a PlaLa configuration in the index.m3u on the card is necessary

This firmware update is very important and has to be installed immediately if your hörbert was manufactured before February, 7th 2022. Without this update, the processor module of your hörbert may irreparably damage itself spontaneously! This firmware includes

  • Protection against an error of the processor module. In cooperation with the manufacturer we were able to include a protection that has to be installed BEFORE the processor module spontaneously self-destructs. This protection will be included in all future firmware updates.
  • Longer playback time due to more accurate measurement of the cut-off voltage of the accumulators/batteries.
  • 100 times longer standby time !
  • More stable card recognition without considering the card contact
  • More commands for the PlaylistLanguage for controlling hörberts by external buttons
  • … as well as many very technical detail improvements.
  • Switching off exactly when changing from the last to the first track of a playlist no longer ends in an endless loop
  • Memory cards: Recognition improved whether the memory card is inserted
  • SET mode can now be entered without memory card
    Bluetooth headphone volume no longer changes when changing tracks
  • hörbert no longer turns on or off due to contact bounce when hit hard
  • When skipping back in WAV files, the song is played in full length again afterwards

Beta versions

  • New PlaLa configuration variable: set_mode_battery_protection

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