PlaLa Set Mode commands

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Certain PlaLa commands are not automatically executed when hörbert is switched on just because they are present in an index.m3u. hörbert models with fewer buttons could not be fully configured without the SET mode commands. These settings can still be changed with a hörbert with 9 playlist buttons in SET mode using the coloured buttons alone, even if they were read in via an index.m3u file.

SET mode settings are only read from the index.m3u file when the SET key is pressed after switching on hörbert, thus entering SET mode.

By pressing the SET key again, the SET settings are stored in hörbert’s permanent memory and are active after switching on even with memory cards that do not contain index.m3u.

Pressing hörbert’s rotary control (=switching off) discards the SET settings and does not save them.


0, 1, 2

2: Shutdown to protect NiMh batteries (default value)

1: Switch-off a bit later for protection of alkaline batteries

0: no switch-off in case of undervoltage

Danger: Changing this setting can lead to deep discharge of your batteries and damage them irreparably. They can then no longer be recharged.

Danger: Empty or deeply discharged alkaline batteries can cause irreparable damage to the electronics due to the chemical substances that escape if the batteries are not removed from the unit immediately.


0 or 1 or 2

2: Bluetooth is switched on, pairing is possible.

1: Bluetooth is switched on, pairing of new devices is not possible

0: Bluetooth is switched off


1: Forget all bluetooth pairings


1: When saving the settings by pressing SET again, a factory reset is performed.

All settings stored in hörbert’s permanent memory – including those from the same index.m3u – are discarded.


0 or 1

1: The microphone is switched on (if available).

0: The microphone is switched off


0 or [1..350000]

0: means: Sleep Timer off

[1..35000000]: Number of minutes after which hörbert switches off.

set_mode_volume_limiter 0, 1

1: The volume limiter is on (“piano”)

0: The volume limiter is off (“forte”)

Danger: This additional volume limiter for children is only useful if in general the volume of hörbert has not been changed by PlaLa commands. If the volume of hörbert is increased by PlaLa, this “piano” mode does not protect the children’s ears any more.


0 or 1 or 2

2: WiFi is switched on and a wifi.ini is read in from the root directory of the memory card – if available.

1: WiFi is switched on

0: WiFi is switched off.

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