engraving "Emil"

hörbert with individual name engraving

hörbert is an ideal gift for children. It promotes independence, musicality, tact and, of course, fun. It doesn’t matter how old the child is. We read from many letters from happy parents that the child will not give the hörbert back – regardless of age. It is precisely because our wooden MP3 player is so suitable as a gift that we had to make individual name engraving possible. When ordering the hörbert, the personalised engraving can simply be tickedWe sometimes get the question why we can send the engraved hörberts so quickly when the engraving is individual? 

How does the engraving work?

Surfaces can be engraved with a wide variety of materials using the precise application of heat energy from a laser beam. This makes the engraving permanent.

Before the laser beam can focus on the inscription surface with a lens, the laser must be generated in a beam source and coupled out via a scanner. The laser types most commonly used for engraving are the solid-state and gas lasers. The solid-state laser uses a crystal and the gas laser uses a gas mixture as the laser-active medium.

The engraving laser is used in hörbert as a tabletop device for manual work. However, there are also cases where the laser system is built into complex machines or systems. Such laser devices have the advantage that they have a small footprint and therefore require little maintenance. After all, there are no or only very few wearing parts. Due to marking processes, production stops are rare and ensure efficient work. This type of laser is so reliable that processes can be planned and clocked well.

In the meantime, we use 2 laser cutters/engravers from Trotec, which have gradually crept into production from pure engraving equipment: We also laser the holes in hörbert’s front panel because of the high precision. This simplifies production for us and we get optically perfectly clean edges. In addition, the dimensions always remain perfectly the same because a laser beam cannot wear out like a milling tool. And this ensures that your child cannot pull the hörbert buttons out to the front.

The production process at hörbert is very optimised. After all, we recently turned 10 years old. We have consciously structured the production in such a way that we only have short distances. All in the spirit of sustainability. The production itself takes place entirely in Frickenhausen. The engraving can easily be ordered via our online shop. However, there is no delay in delivery. By the way: we not only engrave our hörbert music boxes, but also our milk tooth boxes!

hörbert – it doesn’t get more personal than that.

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