Two Winzki employees produce hörbert by hand

hörbert handmade: Really now?

Every hörbert is made in Germany and many employees work carefully on the production. It all starts with the raw housing, which arrives at our factory from a carpenter in Germany. In our factory each cabinet is then carefully checked and, if necessary, reworked by hand so that each hörbert is a real delight to the touch. Even the perforated plates for the loudspeaker cover are individually checked by us. This is how we ensure that nothing sharp sticks out. They are meticulously cleaned by hand to remove any manufacturing residue.

With our high-quality laser cutter, the openings for the rotary control, the buttons, the engravings and the hörbert lettering are lasered into the wooden housing. The CE mark, the serial number and the company name are also lasered into the wooden housing. After that, the case moves on and goes through all kinds of assembly steps, during which the handle and, of course, the electronic inner workings are installed. Before the circuit board can be installed, our production department has to carry out a number of tests on the electronics. By the way: the circuit board is also assembled and delivered in Germany by a supplier very close to us. Of course, the board also has to be loaded with the necessary firmware. At the end of the production chain, each hörbert has to pass an individual quality check before it goes on to shipping.

Insights from the production

Opening doors that would otherwise remain closed to children. That was the motto of the seventh Door Opener Day of the “Sendung mit der Maus”. At the Door Opener Day in 2019 in Frickenhausen, we let the children look behind the scenes. They were able to witness the entire handmade production:


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Quality - well thought out & tangible

Our children’s MP3 player offers quality that is thoughtful and tangible. Parents can rest assured that there are no dangers for the child with hörbert.

Safe handling

Safe for children

hörbert works wirelessly, is never under mains voltage and its batteries or rechargeable batteries are firmly locked in the battery compartment. The paint is sweat-proof and spittle-proof and everything is plasticiser-free – safe for the little ones.


hörbert is made of wood. The frame and handle are made of solid beech wood, the front is made of poplar plywood and the back of birch plywood. With hörbert your child has a faithful and long-lasting companion. Insensitive, robust and suitable for romping around.


Your child can easily and intuitively select his or her favourite playlists and tracks using the nine colourful buttons. Select titles, fast-forward, skip back – even the smallest princesses and princes can do it easily.

Without a cloud or licence

You should decide for yourself which songs and radio plays you want to play on hörbert. That’s why we don’t require a licence.

Outstanding technical functions

Recording function

Record what you want: Bluetooth streaming, Internet radio or – with accessories – you via microphone.


Use up to two Bluetooth headphones at the same time or use hörbert as a Bluetooth speaker.


Listen to Internet radio via your W-Lan at home at the touch of a button.

Sleep Timer

Help your child fall asleep – programmable

Re-recordable at any time

The included 4GB memory card can store about 50 hours of music and stories (when using MP3 files). hörbert can be re-recorded at any time and grows with your child’s preferences.

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