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Disposable products? And bye! The EU directive banning disposable products comes into force

Straws, cotton buds, disposable cutlery. Consumers in Germany and in all countries of the European Union can say goodbye to disposable plastic products. An EU directive banning plastic tableware came into force on 3 July 2021. The directive dates from 2019. Products such as disposable cutlery and plates, drinking straws, stirrers, cotton buds and balloon wands made of plastic, as well as to-go containers and beverage cups made of polystyrene, will no longer be allowed on the market.

Disposable plates, cups or cutlery made from bio-based or biodegradable plastics are also banned. The same applies to disposable tableware made of cardboard, which, although only a small part of it consists of plastic or is covered with plastic, nevertheless contains plastic. Traders are thus obliged to use reusable alternatives made of glass or metal.  Stocks may still be sold off, so the products do not immediately disappear from the scene.

A world without plastic, maybe not so utopian?! In any case, this is a beginning that we very much welcome!

hoerbert limited edition front view

You can read about how your life without plastics can succeed with ease and other tips in our series: “Greetings from Utopia: A world without plastic”. Here we describe in 3 parts what is possible to avoid plastic waste. The hörbert team is constantly working on using as little plastic as possible in the production of hörbert. Novelty – for the anniversary edition we have replaced the recyclable plastic keys with wooden keys. Information about this is available HERE.

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Do you have your own tipps for our readers for a plastic-free life? We look forward to your comment or entry in our guestbook!

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