Obst und Gemüse ohne Plastik

Part 3: Greetings from Utopia: Can we have a plastic-free world?

Dear reader,

You and your family also want to leave plastic-free? In the third part of our “World without plastic” series, we are talking about food. Missed part 1 and 2? No problem: You can find the previous articles here: Part 1  Part 2
Theme World: Food 
Many foods come in plastic wrappers. But are there alternatives? For the sake of our environment, it is definitely worth the effort to put in a little more effort and planning when shopping. Because plastic-free shopping works better with the right preparation and time planning

  • Is there a weekly market or an (organic) farm shop with regular opening hours on a certain day of the week in your town or in the immediate vicinity? Then let’s go there! Often you can get fruit, vegetables, cheese, eggs, sausage and other goods directly from the counter into your own basket. In addition, you support short delivery routes and regional producers who even grow their food organically. That’s great for people and the environment!

  • Fortunately, there are more and more unpacked shops all over Germany. Here you can actually get many products without any packaging at all. Clean, disposable jars/screw-top jars that you bring with you are perfect for filling with food such as muesli, pasta, lentils or beans. Your own jars are usually weighed at the checkout beforehand. You can then fill them with suitable products of your choice. Maybe there is a shop listed here in your area: https://link.hoerbert.com/zowtt Do you know an unpacked shop that is not mentioned here? Feel free to write us a comment.

  • Some products are only available packaged in plastic or made of plastic? That’s not always true. You can often find what you are looking for in so-called zero-waste online shops: https://link.hoerbert.com/hYpCF Here you can also find, for example, many food storage items that you can use to shop plastic-free.
  • At the fruit and vegetable shelf in the supermarket, reach for the unpackaged varieties. There are usually also reusable fruit and vegetable nets at the stations, which are worth buying once and can then always be carried with every purchase.
  • Have you asked at the fresh produce counter in your local store/supermarket if you can get the items without plastic packaging or if you can even bring your own storage box for them?
  • Bakeries often agree not to pack the bread in plastic wrap, but in your own cotton bread bag. It pays to ask.
  • Last but not least: When shopping, you should not be without your basket or your own bag so that you do not need a plastic bag or an extra paper bag at the checkout. For safety’s sake, always carry a foldable bag in your boot or handbag.

  You have further tips or want to give feedback? We look forward to your comments on this blog or also to your contribution to our Guestbook.  

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