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How a wooden MP3 player teaches my child about sustainability

Low-quality toys break quickly and also pose a safety risk for your child. We therefore recommend that you pay attention to sustainability when buying toys. It makes sense to choose wooden toys for babies and toddlers. Even when the child grows up, we should always keep in mind that we can also influence the child’s future buying behaviour by setting an example through correct consumer behaviour. This article is about how our MP3 player hörbert can teach a child about sustainability.

Wooden toys for environmental awareness

Our children’s MP3 player actively promotes value and sustainability awareness. Wooden toys feel valuable, also for (small) children. That’s why they like to be picked up and played with. Wood smells good, feels comfortable and is also durable. hörbert is not made of environmentally harmful plastics. Children can almost feel the quality and nature. This is not only good for the environment and resource conservation, but also for your personal wallet. In every way, our sustainable hörbert is a win for the family as well as a win for the environment. Parents can pave the way for children’s future consumer behaviour through sustainable toys.

For children, good quality is not only evident in the materials used, but also in another fact: high-quality products can be repaired, while cheap plastic toys usually have to be disposed of immediately. When children see that toys can be repaired, they will learn something in the course of their lives: On the one hand, they understand that good care of toys is important, otherwise they will break. Repairs are necessary but also take time, work and money. On the other hand, even in adulthood they tend to repair broken products like household appliances instead of disposing of them directly. In today’s throwaway society, this is an important influence.

Overall, we have found that parents are role models through proper consumer behaviour and can impart important values to their children. With high-quality products “Made in Germany” you make a better choice than cheap toys made of coloured and sometimes chemical plastic. They are safer, more durable and allow your child to build an emotional relationship of trust with them. Therefore, we recommend that you never invest your money the wrong way when buying toys. The motto here is: “If you buy cheap, you buy twice”. If you end up having to dispose of it shortly after buying it and then buy more expensive, high-quality products as replacements, so-called cheap toys can become very expensive. Therefore, it is best to choose a high-quality product that guarantees a long life from the very beginning. Also, a product that will quickly become your child’s new best friend and that you can’t imagine life without.

Did you already know?
hörbert is completely on the side of environmental protection and sustainability. Our music box should be ordered once and last for a long time. That’s why engraving is so worthwhile. We offer individual name engravings. The engraving of the child’s name or a personal message can be selected in the order process. This way you give the ordered hörbert a very personal touch and the child is proven to be all the more happy.

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