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How do you get your own material onto hörbert? (e.g. songs that you sing yourself or stories that you read aloud)

How hörbert brings people together

Do you have to travel a lot for work? Do your child’s grandparents or godparents live far away? Oh, but wouldn’t it be great to be able to sing your child or grandchild a lullaby or read them a bedtime story? It’s so easy with hörbert! And the best thing about it is that the child can play the personal story or song over and over, as often as they want. It instantly fulfills that yearning for the person that they love and miss ;-).

Here is some information on how to get files that you recorded yourself onto hörbert’s memory card:

Firstly, it’s important to know that a voice recording on your computer’s hard disk can only be transferred to hörbert’s memory card by means of the hörbert software for macOS, Windows or Linux. You can download the latest version of the hörbert software here: https://www.hoerbert.com/service/downloads-und-bespielen/

The hörbert software takes care of assigning the recording to one of the hörbert colored buttons for you. It converts the file to the energy-saving hörbert playback format (.wav) and transfers it to the memory card. The hörbert software can handle any of the following formats:

m4a, mp3, wav , ogg , flac , aif / aiff , cda / cdda .

But how does the voice recording get onto the computer?

Use your smartphone as a dictaphone
Most smartphones already have an integratedfunction that allows you to easily record voice. You can then download the recordings from the phone and send them as files or share them.

The “Voice Memos” app on the iPhone is an example of this kind of app.

You can start and stop a recording and give it a name afterwards. You can use the symbol “…” to share the m4a file and send it via an email program, for example. Following that, you save the email attachment to your computer.

It’s then really easy with the hörbert software to transfer the m4a file from your Download folder to the hörbert button that you want.

Samsung phones normally have an app called “Voice Recorder, which works similarly.

If you don’t have a voice recording function or app on your smartphone, you could use the following program, for example, which you can download from the App Store or the Play Store:

  1. Dictaphone IOS (free, offers in- app purchases)
    The free dictation app Dictaphone allows you to make top-quality voice recordings. They are sorted automatically according to the recording date.. The microphone sensitivity can be adjusted individually, which is extremely handy for cases where people speak very loudly or softly. Using in-app purchasing, you can also activate additional functions such as markers during the recording, further classifications and automatic synchronization with services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. (Source: recherchescout.com)
  1. The app “Smart Voice Recorder – High Quality Sound Recorder” is free, it’s easy to use and it allows you to make recordings with a quality of up to 44kHz. You can choose whether you want to save the file in mp3 orwavformat. Both of them work withhörbert.. You can trim your saved recordings and then resume recording, and the file can be sent by email. (Source: giga.de)
  1. 3 . TapeACall IOS (EUR 9.99) and Android (free)
    You can even call a relative who would like to read and record a story, and TapeACall will record the phone call for you.. The audio file can then be managed and you can attach it as an MP3 file to an email and send it. This app sets up a teleconference between you, the person you’re calling and the app so that the recording of the conversation can be communicated transparently. (Source: recherchescout.com)

Do you have a dictaphone?
Almost all dictaphones can be connected
directly to the computer with a USB cable. Probably all dictaphones allow you to select MP3 or WAV as the file format when downloading a file to the computer. Sometimes, you can even send the file via email directly from the dictaphone.

When the file is on the computer, you can use the hörbert software to transfer it to hörbert’s memory card.

You’ll have great fun and you’ll enjoy recording your own personal stories and songs. And of course, your child will get tremendous pleasure from listening to them.

If you’ve been already doing this for a while, have you got any advice? If you have any tips or ideas for other hörbert friends, let us know in the comments!

Your hörbert team

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