Warum hören Kinder immer

Why do children listen to the same music so often?

We have all been able to observe it in our little brothers and sisters, our own children or relatives. Children love music. They bob their bodies or clap their hands (almost instinctively). A study by the Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences, published about 5 years ago, shows that such behaviour is not accidental, but clearly serves to promote musical as well as linguistic rhythm. For the development of the brain, music is a blessing. The study proves that babies who listen to music often are better able to process new speech sounds. It did not matter which style of music was played. The main thing is the rhythm.

Learning effect and security through repetition

People learn best through repetition – this is especially true for babies and children. A toddler will press the same button over and over again to understand what the button does. Before our children pronounce “mummy” or “daddy”, babies nag at the syllables of “mummy” and “daddy” for several hours. Through repetition, children learn new things and store them. Listening to music with hörbert is no exception. Here too, we hear and read from parents that the child has one or more favourite songs that are played up and down.

Routines are very important for children. That is why, for example, uniform mealtimes and regular daily routines are firmly anchored in many families, providing predictability and structure. Especially children in their younger years absorb a lot of impressions and experiences – after all, there is a lot to discover. Repetition has a balancing effect and gives children a sense of security. At some point, the child also knows that the song or story will be the same one he or she already knows. Children feel more secure because of the mass of new impressions. Because in this case, the child has the feeling of knowing something and already knowing it. Relearning is briefly omitted here, the child is lulled into a sense of security and that feels good.

hörbert's ease of use

Children love repetition. It doesn’t matter if it’s their favourite book, toy or song. The easy operability of our music box benefits the child’s independence. The colourful buttons help children quickly remember where their favourite songs are. The skip back button takes them quickly to the beginning of the track. Our pre-recorded memory cards provide so much colourful choice of different titles that there is something for everyone.

Tips for parents

We notice: it is completely normal and okay if children like to consume the same things. This has its reasons and encourages the child. As parents, however, we can of course help. With a few creative ideas, the umpteenth repetition can be given a new look.

If the child always wants to hear the same song …

  1. Continue the story: simply pause after the song, continue the story yourself and fantasise with the child.
  2. Shift the focus: sometimes the focus can be on the lyrics, sometimes on the music. Every song is complex and offers many facets.
  3. Offer alternatives: the child can be shown similar music or music by the same artist. This way there are different variations of the similar.

If you as a parent can play an instrument or sing, the song can be learned, played and sung yourself – as a change and to involve the child.

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