the new hörbert

Hooray! The new hörbert.

We at hörbert ask ourselves: What do children need in order to listen to music and radio plays according to their needs and to develop independence? How do we do this with responsibility and consideration for our environment? Our answer: music, play and fun together with our children’s MP3 player.

That’s why we develop products that are not only intuitive to use and technically state-of-the-art, but also sustainably manufactured in Germany and made of high-quality materials. Fair products that enrich the everyday life of you and your children without follow-up costs or expensive licences.

The new hörbert and its functionality.

From 06.10.2021 the new hörbert can be ordered in our online shop with an initial delivery time of 4-6 weeks.

Compared to hörbert 2011, the new version of hörbert offers the following new functions, such as Internet radio listening, recordings of Bluetooth streams, Internet radio and speech, which can then be played back via the colourful buttons and much more. An overview of all new and proven hörbert features can be found HERE.

Of course, the hörbert can still be ordered with individual name engraving.

Our solid wood music box is unique and unbeatable in terms of functionality. No other current market competitor comes close to the possibilities of hörbert. From the point of view of climate responsibility, only hörbert performs very well, as it is made of sustainable wood and less than 20 g of plastic. We work with an open system, transparency and a strong sense of environmental and consumer awareness.

neuer hörbert

The settings of the new hörbert can be made via the SET mode.

With every order, some nice and useful things are added to the hörbert package. For one thing, user instructions, a postcard with a link/QR code to the instructions and a set template with instructions on setting options via the SET button.

hew hörbert SET-Mode template

Inside the unit there is a SET button. When you press this, you can set the following functions as desired via the coloured buttons on the front and with the help of a template provided (see paper template at the top of the picture):

  • Sleep Timer on/off, playing time in hours and/or minutes.
  • Bluetooth on/off, pairing mode on/off, delete all pairings
  • piano/forte
  • WiFi on/off
  • Microphone on/off
  • Reset to factory settings
  • If you simply press the power button after making a change, any changes you have just made will be discarded and not saved.
    If you press the SET button inside after making changes, all changes will be saved.

2009 - 2021: our hörberts and their development

In 2009, family father and hörbert inventor Rainer Brang built the first device for his then almost two-year-old son and the original hörbert is still in daily use! All in the spirit of sustainability. In the meantime, it plays a mixture of “Harry Potter” and “The Prodigy”, a bit of “Münchhausen” and also pop music, in addition to an English learning CD.

What became of this first prototype is a really beautiful story: After neighbour’s children, godchildren and own children had been equipped with one-offs, it became quite tedious to solder each electronic separately and to build each case anew. Even then, one small improvement after the other was built in, but each device was completely different.

The joy of parents and children was already enormous back then. Then the hörbert journey began! It then took another 14 months of development to get it ready for series production. The development motto was – and still is – the same:

“We build hörbert the way we imagine it, and then we don’t cut anything out for cost reasons. We’d rather do less, but do it right. So right.”

Finally, in December 2011, the first hörbert was ordered via our online shop table. From time to time we are always happy to be in touch with our first customers, who often still bought the second, third, or even fourth hörbert for their growing families.

How do you like the new version of hörbert? We are always happy to receive news and experience reports.

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