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International E-Waste-Day

hörbert offers consumers the chance to deal responsibly with electronic equipment.

According to estimates by environmental experts, the mass of electronic waste produced in 2021 will once again reach a sad high of 57.4 million tonnes this year. This weight is higher than the Great Wall of China!

The Global E-Waste Monitor 2020, co-authored by the United Nations University, found that 53.6 million tonnes of e-waste were already produced in 2019. This is a growth of 21 per cent in five years. Although recycling efforts are in place, the mountain keeps growing and is projected to reach 74 million tonnes of e-waste by 2030.

Experts and environmentalists are therefore urgently appealing to all consumers to adopt a climate-responsible way of consuming and handling electronic products.

The ways to stop the mountain of scrap from rising further and also to be a good role model for the younger generation:

  • When buying electronics, look for a long life span and the possibility of repair. If a manufacturer does not offer a repair service, but simply replaces a defective device with a new one, you can assume that the broken electronic part will be disposed of.
  • Do you really need a new mobile phone every year? Or could you continue to use your own for a little longer, or even switch to a newer, but used model?
  • Recycle more:
    According to UN experts, only 17.4 per cent of all waste was recycled in 2019. Many precious raw materials – including gold and silver – were burned instead or ended up in landfills. Hazardous substances such as mercury become a danger to people and the environment.
  • Return, sell or donate used or broken electronic equipment. Especially in the case of mobile phones, there are many local organisations that collect broken or old mobile phones and recycle the raw materials.

At the bottom of the blog you will find some useful links about donating mobile phones.


Hörbert is fully in line with the trend of an ecologically sensible use of electronics.

By buying a Hörbert, you are consciously demonstrating climate responsibility to your child.
Hörbert is made of sustainably produced wood that binds CO2.
Hörbert consists of less than 5% plastic. Only the circuit board and the components on it are still made of plastic. Less is no longer possible.

It is designed for a long life because it grows with the child, is robust and repairable.
Its electronics are fully recyclable.

Moreover, it is a gift to be passed on. Thanks to the manufacturer Winzki, no hörbert has had to be thrown away since 2011 when there is a new model or update. Every hörbert can be upgraded by the manufacturer and, for example, receive a new electronic interior. The removed parts are professionally recycled or reused through upcycling.

Give sustainable quality and joy with hörbert – with a clear conscience.

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Tips for mobile phone donation:

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