hörbert and DHL GoGreen

Winzki GmbH & Co. KG offset a total of 4.27 t CO2e in 2019 through climate-neutral GOGREEN products and services.

Thanks to our cooperation with DHL and climate-neutral shipping (GoGreen), we once again managed to make an important contribution to environmental protection in 2019.

Within the GoGreen environmental protection program, any greenhouse gases (GHGs) generated by transport are offset by climate protection projects.
We can make a positive contribution to climate protection with DHL and climate-neutral shipping. The greenhouse gases generated by transport are calculated using a method based on the principles of the “GHG Protocol for Products”.

We supported a variety of climate protection projects on this basis in 2019.

The Deutsche Post DHL Group, with its various initiatives to counter the greenhouse gas emissions generated by transport and logistics, provides some good examples. It has been offsetting these GHG emissions by means of the following climate protection projects:

  • Efficient stoves, Lesotho (CDM 5482, GS 913)
  • Biomass-derived energy, Brazil (GS 1042)
  • Domestic biogas, Vietnam (GS 1083)
  • Restoration of wells, Eritrea (GS 1247)
  • Water filtration, Guatemala (GS 1321)
  • Hydropower, Laos (GS 2707)
  • Electricity from landfill gas, Chile (GS 3976)
  • Wind power, India (GS 4603)

The DHL GoGreen Certificate

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