Open source: Our hörbert software

In order to make it even more convenient, safe and quicker to upload new content to hörbert, we are working on our new hörbert software for uploading files to hörbert’s memory cards.
In the past, the software was based on “Adobe AIR”, but now we are cutting off these old habits. The new software runs directly on Mac, Windows and Linux – without the need to install additional programs!

The beta version of the new software is already available for download, and we have already received valuable feedback from many users. If you would like to try the beta version as well, make a backup of your memory card before you test it: For a very simple backup, simply copy all files and folders on your hörbert memory card into a separate folder on your computer. Then nothing can happen to the files there while you work with the beta version of the hörbert software. If something goes wrong, simply empty the memory card and then copy all files from your backup folder back to the memory card.
You can find the beta version of the new hörbert software (with all the rough edges!) here:

And what is “Open Source“? Very simple: Not only do we distribute the hörbert software free of charge, but we also publish the program code freely so that you might – if you like and can do – modify your hörbert software yourself. For this purpose, the source code of the hörbert software is available on GitHub: – in all its beauty or with all its bugs, sometimes right in the middle of development and sometimes working perfectly.
On our GitHub page you can also collect and fix bug/problem issues – either by us or by volunteer developers, time will tell. GitHub is a collaboration platform for many people, and we’re always happy to receive any feedback or help at . At the very least, you will always be able to see the current state of development by us.

Speaking of development, we’ve released the current beta version “plus a few more features” to GitHub just before the first non-beta release. So while the lengthy development is not visible until today, the exciting part starts now and, as with any GitHub project, is of course easy to follow. Software developers can clone/copy our repository and make their own experiments, and for the legally harmless developments ;-) there is also a chance that we will include them in our hörbert software.

Have fun browsing through our code
Rainer and the entire hörbert team

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