Girl listens eagerly to hörbert

hörbert – from what age?

Are you looking for a sustainable gift for children? Then you have found exactly the right sustainable gift with hörbert!

Our age recommendations for hörbert:

As a gift for toddlers

hörbert is perfect as a 1st birthday gift: Even toddlers react very positively to music, e.g. to accompany movement games or to calm down when the milk teeth are coming in. hörbert is very suitable as a player for lullabies in combination with an automatic switch-off. Even if you only want to play music to your child occasionally, hörbert is the first choice. You don’t have to be afraid if your child grabs his hörbert: it is so robust that it loves to play with children. Its additional volume limiter protects your toddler from excessive volume.

Happy Birthday Card

A gift for the 2nd or 3rd birthday?

Little explorers are very happy about the colourful buttons on their children’s MP3 player when they receive hörbert as a gift for their 2nd birthday. Playing with the colourful buttons and discovering the funny sounds and songs is especially fun.
As a rule, children from the age of two and a half are strong enough to switch hörbert on and off themselves.
That is why hörbert is particularly suitable as a gift for the 3rd birthday. At this age, children like to listen to little spoken rhymes or short stories. In addition, children of 3 already have a taste for their favourite songs and are very proud that they can operate their hörbert without any help from adults. We already supply over 2 hours of music and audio plays free of charge, so there is no need to worry about new content in the early days.

For the 4th birthday

At the age of 4, the constantly available selection of music and audio plays is popular, because this way the child can choose the right tracks from hörbert’s playlists at any time, depending on his or her mood. With hörbert, this is particularly easy because the replayable (and prerecorded!) memory card offers space for 17 hours of music and audio plays, which are organised into 9 playlists.
This means that children always have their music collection under control. Nothing gets lost, and children remember the order or playlist of their content in no time. With hörbert, children always have their collection with them, because hörbert can be taken anywhere – and that’s something you have to experience!

Junge Mädchen

As a gift for 5 and 6 year olds

The interest in a large repertoire in the handy wooden box with a speaker does not change in the coming years of childhood. At 5 years or for 6-year-old children, hörbert is always up-to-date because it can always be equipped with fresh content. Free music and audio plays for children can be found here – or you can conveniently buy a pre-recorded memory card for hörbert with content from popular artists in the shop. This content is hand-picked by us and already divided into playlists.

Even when the first mobile phone beckons in a few years, hörbert will still serve as a familiar friend with its great sound as a music player for children who want to tinker, paint, sing, dance or simply relax on the side.
Experience for yourself how hörbert proves its sustainability through a particularly long service life! Our customers confirm this again and again – after many years and with great satisfaction.

Summary of our age recommendation for hörbert

With hörbert you are always on the right track, because you can give a child such a meaningful gift that will accompany them from toddlerhood into adolescence. You cannot give a hörbert “too early”, because you can never start early enough with sustainability in the nursery.
We know from the many letters we receive from happy parents that a child will never give a hörbert back.
If, at some point, the mobile phone wins out, hörbert also makes a good radio play or kitchen radio… when it’s not being used in the swimming pool or at the lake.

hörbert is suitable as a sustainable gift for children at any age. We can say that with certainty after 10 years of experience. You can’t buy it too early, because music is so important for children’s development that not a day should go by without music.

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