hörbert under the Christmas tree

hörbert as a Christmas gift

Our hörbert can hardly wait until it’s Christmas again soon. Baking biscuits, setting up and decorating the Christmas tree, wrapping presents – a wonderful and contemplative Christmas time with the family can begin. Soon it will be that time again and we can safely say: our hörbert has so much anticipation because he looks wonderful under the Christmas tree.

As parents we know that: on Christmas Eve one present after the other is torn open and not really noticed. The excitement and curiosity about the next present is simply too great. But when the hörbert is unwrapped and ready to play, all the other presents become unimportant. hörbert immediately awakens your child’s creativity and imagination. Whether you want relaxation after an exciting day or some swing with dance music – no problem.

hörbert Weihnachtsgeschenk

Giving a child a long-lasting gift not only increases their awareness of sustainability. With the gift, the child will always remember the connection between parents and themselves. Music, song and dance involve the child in the action and make play something that can be experienced and shared. There is nothing like a toy or object from childhood that still exists and even functions in adulthood. Do you have such an old toy that still brings back memories?

Tip: If you want to give hörbert as a gift with a very personal touch, then simply order it with a name engraving. It could hardly be more individual.


Secure the introductory price for the new hörbert now – enjoy the “all-round happiness” features in time for Christmas:

  • Recording function for everything you play via hörbert, including streaming content
  • Microphone function (optional)
  • Sleep timer with flexible time setting
  • WiFi for Internet radio
  • Pause function

and much more.

hörbert- one player for everything

In this article we would like to share some customer experiences and news with you.

Customer experiences and news

Raphael from Vienna

Our daughter (3) found a Hörbert under the Christmas tree and was very excited! Now, of course, the noble piece is often in use. We parents also have no problem adding new content. You have really thought of everything, super!



We have been looking for a “music system” for our children for a very long time. We already had a few and always for a short time. I got to know the other cube and thought that was the solution. Until I was looking for second-hand radio plays and someone was looking for a Hörbert. Curious as I was, I googled Hörbert and was then quite quickly convinced, although the price is quite high at first glance. We bought it and gave it to the children together for Christmas with their favourite radio plays. I have to say it was a complete success, they love it and I don’t have to constantly switch it on and off and admonish them that the electronics are going to break. It has already withstood knocks, weight etc… Would recommend it in a heartbeat!


Elke from Winden

Thank you very much for the “Hoerbert” It was a Christmas present for our granddaughter (15 months) and it arrived, even with her parents. She quickly found out which buttons had music behind them. Even if the price makes you think twice at first, the arguments speak for it. Sustainable, can be repaired, made in Germany, simply looks good, etc. Simply “perfect”!


Carmen from Widnau 

Dear Hörbert Team Our daughter got the Hörbert as a present when she was 2 years old. Our Hörbert is now 5 years old and still looks like new. Our children have a lot of fun with the Hörbert. The best music player for kids. Thank you very much.



Dear Hörbert team, we ordered a self-assembly kit from Hörbert to build an individual Hörbert for our son. We are absolutely convinced by the philosophy and the handling for the children. Unfortunately, we broke something during the assembly process. It was supposed to be a Christmas present, which is why we went to the Hörbert workshop on 24 December in the hope of meeting someone. We met the owner, Mr. Brang, who was fortunately able to help us. Thus, the Christmas present for our son could be saved. We were thrilled by the helpfulness, friendliness and openness even on Christmas Eve. Keep up the good work. We can only recommend it.


Gloria from Rhede 

Dear Hörbert team, Our son, then just 2, got his Hörbert for Christmas last year and is absolutely happy with it! He knows exactly where to find his music and audio plays and uses the Hörbert several times a day. Because of the high purchase price, we thought about it for a long time, but we don’t regret our decision at all. The durability and great workmanship as well as the child-friendly, beautiful design convinced us. We now use rechargeable batteries, and despite frequent use, we don’t have to charge the batteries very often. Thank you very much!


Vanessa from Hassmersheim 

My daughter got her Hörbert for Christmas when she was 2. We are very satisfied. At the beginning, she couldn’t do much with it herself. Only on and off. At 2.5 years old, it works better. Now she knows where the stories are and where the music is. Hörbert is with us on every holiday. We love the songs: A refrigerator goes for a walk… and Oh how I wish I had a rhinoceros… The money was worth it. But then she didn’t get so much for Christmas. I’d rather have one or two nice gifts that last a long time and are used a lot :) And the engraving looks so beautiful.


Jessica from Nörvenich

We gave the Hörbert to our daughter (then almost three and a half) for Christmas. After half a year, I can only say that it was the best investment of our lives. At the moment, there are many children’s devices on the market and a comparison with current competitor products finally convinced me of the Hörbert, as there are no follow-up costs due to additional purchases. I am buying a ready-made product that is super-flexible to use and easy to handle. The Hörbert is the device we use most often during the day; we have audio books, carnival songs, Disney songs, but also pop songs on it and change SD cards. So there is never a dull moment. With a simple programme, I can convert MP4 or MP3 files into WAV files that work without problems on the Hörbert. The only downer was the purchase of two 16GB SD cards, which unfortunately stuttered during playback, so I bought 4 cards that run flawlessly. Due to the greatly increased battery wear, we now use rechargeable batteries. We all love the Hörbert! It is just right the way it is, unique and (in our circle of friends) also a one-of-a-kind that is admired with pleasure. Recommendable!


Olaf from Unkel on the Rhine 

What a device – expensive: yes, but a highlight for my grandchildren. Now I am “supplying” the second young family. This time with the Bluetooth unit (so I can’t say anything about it yet). But the first unit showed: the automatic switch-off unit is helpful and it wasn’t there yet. The possibilities of the individually recordable memory cards is ideal for me as a grandfather. I record and play these cards with “growing along” songs (partly sung by myself) and “growing along” stories (partly recorded by myself). And so my voice remains much more present with my grandchildren who live far away. In addition, I can still write situational stories myself and record them there. Or I can just record current books there, such as The Caterpillar Neverending. My grandchild takes the book, chooses the story at the touch of a button and so parents sometimes have a break and yet it is … well, a bit more personal reading aloud than … by someone “foreign”. Yes, it is expensive and – it is worth the money for me. For many reasons! No sound box or bamb… can compete with it – even though they offer other possibilities. So the direct comparison doesn’t quite fit.

You can read all other customer messages and experiences here in our guestbook. Of course, we are always happy to receive feedback!

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