hörbert jetzt auch mit Bluetooth Modul zum Streamen und Verbinden mit Bluetooth Kopfhörern

Bluetooth module for hörbert

Bluetooth module for hörbert — now finally available 

We have been looking forward to this for a long time together with you and now it’s finally here: Our new, retrofittable Bluetooth module for hörbert has been released! From now on you can use the popular MP3 player for children with headphones that support the Bluetooth technology. Furthermore hörbert can now also be used as Bluetooth speaker. But that’s not all the new Bluetooth audio module can do, so we will explain all the important features in detail. The best part is: The module can be retrofitted into any hörbert sold since 2011. So everyone can enjoy the new features. 

With the Bluetooth module you can now use hörbert with headphones or as a Bluetooth speaker 

So far hörbert, has played all songs and audio books via the integrated speakers. These ensure a very good sound, but there are of course many situations in everyday life where both children and parents would prefer it if you could also simply use headphones to listen: for example on a long car journey or at a noisy family party. Bluetooth headphones can now be used whenever children do not want others to be able to listen in or when the surroundings are so loud that the kids cannot hear anything over the MP3 player’s speakers. This function is made possible by the retrofittable module, which works with modern Bluetooth technology. We made the decision for Bluetooth and against normal cables quite deliberately: We want to do without cables on our MP3 player so that the kids can’t tear the cables out. In addition, cables always pose a safety risk, because after all, they could get around the neck of small children. That’s why it was clear to us that we wanted to use Bluetooth instead of cables. hörbert mit einem Bluetooth-Kopfhörer  

The Bluetooth module – solution for many problems

The new module now solves all previous problems at a stroke: even at family gatherings, it is now possible to immerse yourself in far-off worlds with the wooden MP3 player without everyone listening in. And even on the motorway, children can now listen to their songs and audiobooks with Bluetooth headphones without disturbing their parents and siblings. Speaking of siblings: the Bluetooth module offers the possibility of connecting two headphones to the wooden MP3 player at the same time. This allows siblings or friends to listen together to what hörbert has to say. But the new module offers yet another practical function: hörbert can now be used as a Bluetooth speaker. How does it work? Very simple: You connect your smartphone to the module via Bluetooth. Then you can play any content you like on your mobile phone on the wooden MP3 player. This could be, for example, radio plays from Audible or Spotify, but also private recordings, your own music files or a stream from an Internet radio. With the new module hörbert becomes a practical Bluetooth speaker and thus a great gadget for the whole family.  

The automatic switch-off – directly integrated in the new Bluetooth module 

Many parents know the problem: they turn on a playlist or audiobook in the evening so that the child can fall asleep quickly and peacefully. Often it only takes a few minutes for the child to reach the land of dreams. But if you sneak back into the room and turn off the MP3 player, your child may open his or her eyes and be awake again. That’s why many parents have asked for an automatic switch-off function for the hörbert. We fulfilled this wish some time ago with a retrofittable timer module. The new module with Bluetooth function also has this timer. With it you can easily set how long hörbert should continue to play for your child before it stops working, without having to sneak into your kids’ room again. This way the MP3 player adapts perfectly to your personal sleep ritual! 

Bluetooth-Modul mit Schalter und Kabeln

The new module with Bluetooth: gentle on the batteries, easy to integrate 

Children are our future — and so that their grandchildren still have something of our beautiful world, it is more important today than ever to treat the environment with care. That’s why the MP3 player for children is also made of the renewable resource wood. In addition, the new module with Bluetooth function is also gentle on the rechargeable batteries and batteries needed for hörbert. With a switch you can determine whether you have inserted batteries or rechargeable batteries. Because: the MP3 player uses batteries until they are really completely empty, so that they neither have to be thrown away half-full nor leak. If, on the other hand, you use rechargeable batteries, the MP3 player will be more gentle on them because they won’t cope well if they are completely discharged. You will also know this function if you have already upgraded the timer for automatic shutdown. If not, you will get the feature automatically when you decide to use the new Bluetooth module. By the way: It’s very easy to retrofit the new module. It works with every model sold since December 2011. You can install the Bluetooth audio module yourself at home. All you need is a little tact and a bit of technical know-how: just plug in and unplug a few cables. Of course, you will receive instructions for the installation and you don’t need a soldering iron, I promise! If you don’t feel confident enough to install the new module, you can of course have it done directly by us in our workshop. We will hurry so that your kids will have their hörbert back home soon. hörbert von innen mit eingebautem Bluetooth-Modul

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