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Is hörbert also suitable for my child if he or she cannot do everything that other children can? This is a question we are asked again and again by families who have a child, a young person or an adult with a disability in their midst.

Behindertes Kind mit hörbert

Let our customers speak for us

Hello dear Hörbert Team,
My nephew has a disability and at first I was worried whether he would be able to operate the player at the age of 6. But after almost 2 weeks of just pushing around without listening to anything - out of sheer excitement that HE can make a difference on his own, he now finds his way around his player incredibly well.

Since I don't want to change the order [of titles], I put all the pre-recorded audio books on one button and distributed all the other CDs he has in a logical order on the other buttons.

My nephew is a handicapped child and doesn't understand if the bird wedding is no longer the first one on the green button.
I would like to thank you very much because this player is really the best thing there is - at least for my nephew.

hörbert models with adaptations for people with disabilities

hörbert accessible with y-plug and jelly-button in red and yellow

From our experience we know of course that there is no such thing as ’the’ disability. If you are not sure about an application, contact us so that we can explain hörbert’s possibilities to you and find a solution for you. We have already provided many special functions and can also adapt them individually by configuration, so that you don’t have to be afraid of the costs for an expensive custom-made product.

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