hörbert for seniors

Since 2011, we have been manufacturing hörbert for children by hand, piece by piece, here in Germany, with great passion and full commitment. We are so close to our customers because, as a small company, we can respond to their wishes and needs. We learn from this and in return we find the solutions that solve the concrete problems of our customers.

Not only we, but also our hörberts grow with our customers. If hörbert’s simple operation served our customer’s own children well yesterday, might it be suitable for their own parents tomorrow?

We have given a lot of thought to this issue and learned from some of our customers’ projects, who had their hörbert made fit for their parents. Thus hörbert was used, with slight modifications, as a player for seniors with dementia or for the over 90-year-old father who loved to sing folk songs.  

MP3 player and Internet radio in one

This became our hörbert for seniors, which has the flexibility and functions as an MP3 player and Internet radio that are needed to offer these users real added value, to serve as an everyday aid and to bring back more joy and fun.

hörbert wird 10 Jahre Neu im Programm
Illustration: hörbert for generations

User-friendly radio for seniors

Thousands of special interest stations, entertainment, local stations, foreign stations – everything is available on the Internet. With hörbert as a radio for seniors, this becomes operable by simply pressing a button. hörbert then performs its services as an everyday helper for seniors in a reliable way. Because loneliness and silence should not become part of everyday life if you don’t want them to.

Simple MP3 player for seniors

Simple functions and reduction to the bare essentials: in the home, in care and suitable for different abilities. With hörbert, seniors can still listen to music and radio plays when they can no longer manage with other devices due to illness or age-related limitations. Then hörbert, as a particularly simple MP3 player for seniors, can create a bit of self-determination and joy again.
Even when more operating aids are needed, our accessible hörbert models still offer many possibilities.
Illustration: hörbert as MP3 player

Soon: buy hörbert for seniors

A new version will be added to our product range in May 2022: hörbert for seniors. It offers a higher playback volume, as well as a power connection for stationary operation without batteries. If you don’t want to miss the sales launch, you should subscribe to our email newsletter: Subscribe to our newsletter

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