Bluetooth-Streaming with mobile phone does not work with hörbert 2021

Please check that you have proceeded as follows:

Step 1 – Activation in SET mode:

Open hörbert’s rear panel with the help of a coin and pull it out.
Then switch hörbert on by pressing the volume control once. It will then play normally from the memory card.
2. Inside, press the SET mode button. hörbert falls silent and is now in SET mode.
3. press the light green button to activate Bluetooth. A single, bright beep must sound, which means: Bluetooth is activated.
4. Press the yellow button for pairing. A single, bright beep must sound, which means: Pairing is activated.
5. then press the SET button inside hörbert again to save. hörbert will then play back from its memory card.
6. Switch hörbert off again and close it.

Step 2 – Switching to Bluetooth Speaker Mode

7. Make sure that hörbert is switched off.
Then switch hörbert to Bluetooth speaker mode by pressing the on/off button twice. Leave a pause of only approx. 0.5 seconds between switching on and off.
hörbert will not play from its memory card after the first press. Instead, after the second press of the on/off switch, three ascending signal tones will sound as confirmation that hörbert is now in Bluetooth speaker mode.

Now you have 60 seconds to find and pair it with another player in the list of Bluetooth devices on your mobile phone.

We hope that these tips will solve the problem for you.

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