How to check the firmware version of your hörbert

hörbert’s firmware determines the functionality of your hörbert. With free updates from us, your hörbert gets new functions and we also fix problems with functions that do not run as smoothly as you or we would like.

In any case, we recommend that you always keep your hörbert up to date. And where else can you get more and more for your money? We still have a lot of improvements in the pipeline, from new features to more convenient operation… so it’s worth keeping hörbert up-to-date!

Here we show you how to find out which firmware version is installed on your hörbert. The hörbert software is also interested in this when it automatically checks whether new firmware is available for your hörbert.

And where do I find the firmware version?

hörbert writes its firmware version to the inserted memory card – and always when you insert the batteries.

So if you look at the files on your memory card, you will most likely find a file there with the name:


This simply contains text. You will find the version and the date when the firmware was created.

Project name:     hoerbert_firmware
App version:      2022-02-07 16:43 d743da91

SHA-256 for the partition table:  60d34461bc8bf76e47e4e826655ccd4933e595e3ef16cffbcf3388759700f383
SHA-256 for bootloader:           7868109763295330840fd5a2a73c161b0e76e44fe19ef1b52204ca279f8c86cb
SHA-256 for current firmware:     5ed3eb39d32bca933088b0010e29d6eeab76d85520f0591ebc76d1478e8bd0df

If this file is not already there, or if you want to make sure it shows the latest version, then leave your memory card in hörbert and just take out a battery.
Then count to three, and put the battery back in. That’s all. hörbert immediately writes its version to the memory card.

Now the hörbert software on your computer can check whether a newer firmware is available for your hörbert and help you to install a new firmware.

How to perform a firmware update is described here: How to perform a firmware update on hörbert

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