I am totally euphoric!

Olivias Player

Hello dear Hörbert team,

I would like to praise you for what you have created. I am totally enthusiastic about the Hörbert concept and happy that my 4-year-old daughter finally got her own Hörbert this year. I hope that he will be a long-lasting companion in her life and maybe even move into her first own flat. So it was clear to me that I would buy the kit. This way I could give the hörbert a little more personal touch by building it myself. I built it into a wooden box that my husband and I got as a wedding present from my siblings. Lots of drilled holes, a little paint and finishing touches and the hörbert was ready. Even the soldering went smoothly without any previous experience. My daughter loves her hörbert, the choices and the independence it has given her. If it actually moves into her first flat, I will of course send a picture ;-)

Best regards, Moni D.


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