Automatic shutdown for hörbert


Electronic automatic switch-off for hörbert for retrofitting.

Selectable switch-off times: 15-20 min., 30-35 min., 60-65 min., 90-95 min., 120-125 min., infinite/off.

Selectable battery protection.

Automatic shutdown for hörbert – for retrofitting! **

hörbert is good as it is. Its toggle switch always behaves the same: on is on and off is off.
However, if you need hörbert to switch itself off automatically, the automatic switch-off is a good choice. With this additional electronics, every hörbert can be switched off after an adjustable time. Additionally it offers an adjustable protection for your batteries against deep discharge.

This additional electronics enables the switch-off after approx. 15, 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes. It is installed instead of the existing on/off switch.

** Note: An automatic switch-off function is offered among other functions by our Bluetooth module. Only either this switch-off or the Bluetooth module can be retrofitted.

Can I retrofit the automatic switch-off function myself?

Yes, with a little craftsmanship you can retrofit hörbert yourself. Please take a look at the video instructions and see if you can do the conversion yourself at home.

Can I have the automatic shut-off function installed in our hörbert?

Yes, we also offer hörbert owners the option of retrofitting their device in our workshop. To do this, simply select when ordering that we should carry out the retrofit in our workshop for you. Then send us your hörbert after ordering and payment. Frank the package sufficiently as an insured shipment and make sure to include your order number and your name. You can also simply print out your order confirmation and enclose it.

Product description:

Conversion kit for automatic shutdown for hörbert.

Selectable switch-off times: 15-20 min., 30-35 min., 60-65 min., 90-95 min., 120-125 min., endless/off

Selectable battery protection.

Shipping weight: 100g



1x Electronics, ready for installation.

1x Scratch protection for installation.


Note: By using the automatic switch-off the behaviour of hörbert changes when switching on/off and when the accumulators/batteries are empty!

  • Changes in the function and display of the on/off toggle switch:
    Without automatic switch-off, hörbert always plays when the toggle switch is in the ON position, i.e. tilted forward. With the automatic switch-off, hörbert will switch off even though its toggle switch is still in the ON position.
    Please explain to your child that hörbert will only play again after the automatic switch-off if the toggle switch is first switched off and then on again.
  • Change in behaviour when batteries or accumulators run out:
    Without this additional electronics, hörbert becomes quieter and “croaks” when the batteries or accumulators run out. This tells you that it is time for a battery/rechargeable battery change. This will continue until the batteries no longer supply any power at all.
    With the additional electronics, the current song is interrupted when the batteries or accumulators become empty and is started again from the beginning. This behaviour is repeated in shorter and shorter intervals so that you can quickly notice that the batteries/rechargeable batteries are empty.
    Then simply insert 4 new batteries or 4 full batteries.

Find all downloads and instructions ->here.

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