An upgrade for your used hörbert

In October 2021, we introduced our new hörbert electronics with many great features that he didn’t have before. And as always, we offer hörbert owners a chance to breathe new life into their old hörbert with new features.

Make your hörbert fit for the next 10 years! This hörbert update is suitable for all hörberts sold between February 2011 and October 2021. (All models with mechanical on/off switch)

Tip: Even if you bought your hörbert second-hand, this update is a great way to get access to all of his new features!

Sustainable and long-lasting!

Let us exchange the electronics of your hörbert for the latest electronics!

With this upgrade, your hörbert will be rejuvenated. The new electronics offer many new benefits. All previous expansion modules such as the automatic switch-off and Bluetooth functions are now included in the new electronics.
A brand new feature is WiFi connectivity, which allows you to listen to Internet radio via your wireless network. With the recording functions for Bluetooth and web radio, you can store everything hörbert outputs via the loudspeaker on a memory card.

This conversion is the perfect time to have a microphone installed if desired and thus make your hörbert fit for voice recordings. Your child can record his or her voice and listen to it again. In addition, the microphone with its red LED serves as a recording indicator for all other types of recording.

Please note that you must send us your hörbert well-padded so that we can carry out the conversion for you in our workshop. After ordering, wait for the email from our service team. This will be sent Mon.-Fri. between 9:00h and 15:00h.

If you want more than just an upgrade, e.g. an exchange of other parts, then simply contact our service team so that we can discuss everything with you.

hoerbert Placeholder top

The toggle switch is gone, now you just press the rotary knob to switch on and off. Pause function: after switching on, hörbert continues playing exactly where it was switched off.

What will your updated hörbert be able to do?

hörbert has always been expandable through additional modules. The functionalities of the additional modules – and much more – are included in the new electronics. That’s why we will also remove the additional modules in the course of the conversion, if any are available. This saves power and you benefit from the improved functions that even the additional modules cannot offer.

The following functions are included with the new electronics:

  • The switch is gone. In future, you can switch hörbert on and off by pressing the volume knob.
  • Even less plastic. The new electronics have turned wooden knobs. After that, only about 5% of your hörbert will be made of plastic!
  • Pause function: When switched on, hörbert continues to play exactly from the second it was switched off.
  • Play and record internet radio: Connect hörbert to a W-LAN (2.4 GHz) and add Internet radio URLs to your playlists.
  • Use up to two Bluetooth headphones for listening simultaneously
  • Bluetooth streaming with recording function: connect hörbert as a Bluetooth speaker to your mobile phone
  • Optional: record and listen to your own voice on the memory card with built-in microphone
  • Sleep timer with adjustable switch-off time
  • 3 x more space for content on your memory card with native MP3 playback
  • Flexible configuration options with the playlist language PlaLa
  • Future free function enhancements through firmware updates

Good for the environment

Of course, it saves the most resources if a hörbert can be used again with its new functions for many more years after many years instead of being disposed of. The dismantled parts remain with us and are recycled by us. If possible, we even breathe a second life into the electronics… but that is another story and shall be told another time.

* Prices including 19% VAT