Mädchen aus dem Familienleben in der Natur mit hörbert

hörbert – the new family member. How does it feel to live with hörbert?

The next family outing at the lake or in the park is coming up? Get your hands on the Hörbert and let’s go! In addition to typical children’s toys such as balls, sandbox toys or dolls, music must not be missing. The robust and portable hörbert can be taken anywhere. It quickly turns out to be a new member of the family, because children take it and its music straight to their hearts.
If you don’t want hörbert to play music for the whole family, there are also Bluetooth headphones suitable for children (read more in this blog post: https://link.hoerbert.com/tb9JK). But if he can go everywhere with you, what child is going to be angry if dad borrows hörbert to hang out the washing?

Family life with music suitable for children

hörbert is always there. In the morning in the bathroom, at breakfast, after nursery school to fall asleep, while cuddling, dancing and romping, on an excursion. Listening, singing and dancing together not only keeps you active, but also strengthens family life, the friendship between parents and child and even promotes talents. Our music box is like a best friend for the child. When he or she whines and doesn’t feel like taking a shower or brushing their teeth, the hörbert can do all the convincing with their favourite songs!

Nowadays, parents have to be more careful that music and adult content do not get into children’s ears or eyes. Thanks to the SD card, a lot of fixed content can be played, so that no unsuitable songs slip into the playlist. And if something is not to your liking, it can simply be removed from the SD card. Our hörbert offers beautiful children’s songs at the touch of a button. A music box made of high-quality and sustainable wood. https://link.hoerbert.com/5zDao.

hörbert, the child and sustainability

By the way, our children’s MP3 player promotes awareness of value and sustainability. It is not made of environmentally harmful plastic or similar, but is made of the high-quality and renewable raw material wood. It feels solid, robust and comfortable in the hands. The child can virtually feel the quality and naturalness. Children also learn a sense of longevity. This is not only beneficial for the environment and the conservation of resources, but also for the personal wallet. In every respect, our robust hörbert is a benefit for the family, as well as automatically for the environment. Parents can pave the way for children’s future consumer behaviour with a sustainable music box. No chance of the throwaway mania and towards a conscious, sustainable consumption.
Another important aspect is the reparability of the hörbert. Unlike short-lived toys, our hörbert can be repaired. Not only that – children can become active themselves and even look inside the box. Who knows, maybe hörbert will turn your child into a tinkerer!
Parents don’t have to buy new music all the time either. Old titles can also be recorded onto the SD cards or your own compatible SD cards can be used.

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